On blogging

I know, the meta post about blogging has been done about a billion times – one for every shitty blog out there. But bear with me.

I’m a shitty blogger. Looking over my blog, I find it’s not going nearly as well as I’d hoped. Comparing it to the blogs I follow reveals the crucial ingredient – it’s too impersonal. Every post thus far has been a “professional” post – a writing snippit or a critique or updates about the blog itself. There’s very little of myself in the blog posts.

I find it difficult to talk about myself on the internet. I suspect this is primarily due to spending some of my formative years having to hide just about everything I cared about from the people I lived with, the people who felt they had a right to every thought in my head. If I tell someone something in private, that’s one thing, but posting things on the internet means They will catch me and do unspeakable things to punish me for the crime of being myself. But I’m going to make an effort to share things directly from my head that aren’t of a sensitive nature as a compromise – hopefully I’ll be able to infuse some personality into my blogging without scaring myself back into hiding.

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