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RSS Quickies: Did You Know?

Did you know? Your allergies could be making you look tired! …Seriously? I suppose the subset of allergy sufferers who have never, in their entire lives of suffering bleary flu-like symptoms like clockwork twice a year, glanced in the mirror … Continue reading

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Things went all the way bad last night. I can’t really talk about it because there’s just no way to do so without saying something that at least one of the many people involved will take offense to or accuse … Continue reading

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A look into the mind of Yami

I want cookies. The cafeteria sells cookies. I have sufficient cash in my wallet to purchase these cookies. That ought to be the end of the dilemma, right? But no. I can’t just leave it at that. I have cash … Continue reading

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Follow-up from my reader

Okay, didn’t I just make a post about this shit? Today’s article has nine tips to speed up your family’s morning: Even if you’re not a morning person, resolve to get up before the rest of the family so you can take … Continue reading

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Quickie: Condescension in my reader

“Are you wearing too much blush?” asks a story in my news feed this morning. No. I don’t wear blush. I don’t wear makeup. I subscribed to Real Simple Magazine’s Daily Tips feed because they often have, in their magazine, … Continue reading

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No Deconstruction This Week

I can’t, I’m sorry. My weekend was totally eaten up and this week doesn’t look to be getting any better. I’ll try to get something up at least once this week, but no promises.

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Tea Time 7: Ego Tea

This week: Ego Tea! We ran out of time, so only two though. Sample: Vanilla Description: A blend of China and Ceylon blacks teas, elderflowers, and the essence of vanilla been[sic]. Produces a fruity cup that is very smooth and … Continue reading

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TPD pp 139-144: The Saga of Mary

Tension builds as Carmen admits to Hank that her voices weren’t real, she was just compensating for loneliness. She uses an awful pickup line: “I’m really drawing strength from your company. I want you to know that.” How can Hank … Continue reading

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Life Lessons: Hubris

Today’s post is going to be dark and bitter and whiny. Do yourself a favor, enjoy some MJ instead — it’s bound to be more moving than my post.

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TPD pp 134-138: The suspense builds

This bit’s getting harder to break into chunks, as the stories are getting more and more intertwined. We begin with Marshall. Thursday afternoon (note the time jump! Nothing happened Monday through Wednesday?), he decides to call Langstrat. Her home number is unlisted, and … Continue reading

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