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Dr Laura: Ch 3

I find it fascinating that Dr Laura’s central thesis is that women mess up their lives by acting like their lives all about men, and yet all ten things they do to “mess up their lives” are things they do … Continue reading

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Dr Laura: Ch 2

Either chapter two is a lot better than chapter one, or I’m acclimating to the water quickly. There’s even some advice in here that’s decent. Chapter 2 is about “Stupid courtship”. On of the harder things I’ve been learning about … Continue reading

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Dr Laura: Ch 1

This book came out in 1994. Third-wave feminism was really kicking into things; punk, individualism, and e-zines were the order of the day. There was therefore, according to Newton’s Third law, an equal and opposite social reaction, here exemplified by … Continue reading

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New Series: Reading Dr Laura

Dr Laura and I have a┬áhistory. My mother, whom I have written about on this blog before and whom my senpai has repeatedly offered to punch in the face, was a huge fan of Dr Laura back in the day. … Continue reading

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