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My Birthday and Con Report

It’s my birthday! For my birthday I got a ticket to the Steampunk Empire Symposium. (This wasn’t a surprise; Chaos’ birthday is six days before mine, and I got him the same thing.) We had a blast 😀 I’ve got … Continue reading

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Steampunk Ho!

I’ll be at a con this weekend, so no tea review. In honor of my going to a steampunk con, have a whole bunch of thing that are not remotely steampunk.  …ok, ok, and some Steampunk Portal: — by DeviantArt … Continue reading

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Musings: On Protagonists and Likeability

Pre-writing this because I’ll be out of town this weekend. Not every protagonist has to be a shining beacon of morality. I prefer my characters — all characters — flawed and therefore interesting. But every protagonist has to be, at … Continue reading

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Midday Musings

I am sitting at work reading Joel On Software. In the linked article, Joel insists that you should “never let people work on more than one thing at once.” Which is fascinating, because it’s the end of the iteration and … Continue reading

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Easily Amused Chapter 1: Meet Piper

Location 141, 3% through the book. Today we’re meeting Piper! Piper was already sitting at the bar of Tad’s Dry Dock when I arrived. With her white pants and navy blue halter top, she looked perfectly in keeping with the … Continue reading

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My Story: Gender Identity

From the start I knew that I was more like a boy than a girl. I preferred hanging out with boys; girls were bizarre to me, incomprehensible. I was raised to believe that girls could do anything boys could do, … Continue reading

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TPD pp 149-154: Mission Improbable

Hank was accompanied by two angels on his trip to Hell Itself (by which I mean an arcade): Triskal and Krioni. Opposing them are “hundreds of narrowing yellow eyes” armed with “several […] blades”. Triskal asks if he looks harmless, … Continue reading

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Monday Musings

So much to do, and time passes so quickly these days… Heard Maroon 5’s new song, “Payphone”, this morning. It wasn’t the first time I’d heard it, but it was the first time I’d heard it start to finish alone … Continue reading

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RSS Quickies: Email Wedding Invitations

This misleadingly-named gem came across my inbox on Monday.   Title: “Email Wedding Invitations: ‘Reply All’ to RSVP?” Well duh. Of course not. That’d cause more spam clutter to all the other guests. …except that the question is never addressed in … Continue reading

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Easily Amused Chapter 1: Lola Bunny and her Eccentric Neighbors.

I’m reading on kindle (actually kindle reader on my phone), so no page numbers for this one.  Chapter one is 6% of the book, about 12 “pages” on my phone; I’ll try to stop at natural section breaks or chapter … Continue reading

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