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On Moving

ohgodwhyamImoving Warning: This post contains a good deal of whining. If you’re low on spoons, feel free to skip, there’s not much profound here.   My role in this move is limited. Intentionally so, thanks to my disabilities and, let’s … Continue reading

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No Easily Amused today

I’m moving this weekend and only a small fraction of my stuff is in boxes >.> We’ll get back on track next week.

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On emotional manipulation

Warning: Emotional manipulation and talk of death/suicide. It started out so innocent. My grandmother asked if I wanted to wear a dress she’d found to my engagement party. I did not personally like the dress, and I expressed this, but … Continue reading

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TPD pp 191-195: The chat with Harmel, pt 2

Back in the saddle, folks! There’s more nonsense coming our way. First and foremost, the reason why these folks are really supposed to be scary: “They don’t believe in any God — they are God.” The idea that human beings … Continue reading

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On my progress

Yesterday I had what I’d consider a “good” day as far as my legs were concerned. I overcame a little grogginess in the morning fairly quickly, and managed to have both energy and be pain-free for most of the day. … Continue reading

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On language

Does anyone else find it interesting that we use the same words to describe the taste of simple sugars and a set of behaviors designed to facilitate group living? “Sweet”, as a flavor, is generally regarded as a pleasant flavor. … Continue reading

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Easily Amused Chapter 7

It wasn’t as simple as that, of course. I had to go back and re-read part of chapter six when I hit that opening line. What wasn’t as easy? The last line of chapter six was: “You can give yourself … Continue reading

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On genetic engineering

Trigger warning: Disabilities, Abortion Disclaimer: I know I hold an unpopular opinion, which I’m trying to work through logically on paper in this post; therefore, it’s likely there’s some unintentional ableism coming through. Please be gentle.   I support any … Continue reading

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TPD pp 188-195: The chat with Harmel, pt 1

Marshall is on the trail of the plot. Next stop: the long-awaited interview with Ted Harmel. Yet again, he’s driving on backroads out into the countryside. Thankfully, this time the drive only lasts two paragraphs. Harmel, never one to be … Continue reading

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Lyrical Deconstruction: OMG by Will i am and Usher

This was posted to my facebook over a year ago; if you recognize me from this, please don’t say anything in the comments. I’m not exactly trying to hide my identity from you guys so much as keep certain facebook … Continue reading

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