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Dogs and Goddesses: Chapter 4: Men and dogs

At the end of Chapter 4, Professor Mackenzie had just shown up on Abby’s doorstep. It turns out, he’s turning up to catch her in the act of neglecting his cookies. Alas for him, she’s in the middle of baking! … Continue reading

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Wonderful advice!

On the post No TPD, I mentioned having an issue with someone who had been emotionally abusive to me in the past. Today I received a comment that clearly has the solution to all my problems! What you should do … Continue reading

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New feature?

I’m considering doing a sporadic series on supertasters, specifically, how to deal with being one and my personal journey through food. There won’t be any real update schedule, just periodically when I have time. The question is, would you guys … Continue reading

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It’s always nice to hear that someone who was emotionally abusive to you for years has “no regrets” and is enjoying her new life without you. No TPD this week, I’m out of spoons to deal with this shit. I’ll … Continue reading

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Dogs and Goddesses: Chapter 3: Kammani’s Priestesses

This chapter seems shorter than the others. It begins right where we left off: with Daisy getting a piggyback ride from Noah. She tightened her legs around his hips and he straightened, bouncing her into place and . . . … Continue reading

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Character sheets

I have a real hate-on for character sheets this morning. I mean, what’s the point of all this inane babble? Likes and dislikes? Hobbies? Who cares? I care about what the character is like as a person, how they act … Continue reading

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TPD ch 31-32: In which I am very tired of this shit.

Content note:┬áRape accusations, lying about rape.   Last time, Carmen was “confessing” an “affair” with Hank to his wife, Mary. Apparently, when he exorcised her and she fled, she broke the doorjamb on the way out. Superhuman strength as a … Continue reading

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