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The alarm goes off at 5:30 and I already know it’s going to be a rough day. I can feel my body’s warnings in the stiff resistance as I flex my fingers, in the subtle almost-ache in my knees, in … Continue reading

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Today I found out that I can’t support my family because some asshole behind a desk somewhere doesn’t believe they’re my family because I don’t have a goddamn time machine and one year ago I was not psychic enough to … Continue reading

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On discrimination against Domestic Partners

Here are the documentation requirements to add Chaos as my domestic partner this year (increased from last year, so I have to submit all over again): Three of the following documents that show financial interdependency for the immediate prior 12 … Continue reading

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Health Care

(2 weighty, meaningful posts on the backburner due to low spoons and she babbles about healthcare? Sheesh!) Why is healthcare so incompatible with working? You need to work to have decent insurance; you need to work to have money to … Continue reading

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RSS Quickies: 6 Medical Exams You Should Never Miss

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. So this hit my RSS feed the other day. Good timing, too, as I’m feeling particularly bitter about the whole medical insurance thing as of late. 1. Dental cleaning, twice a year. This … Continue reading

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Political moment

What’s the difference between domestic partners and spouses? Today I found out that because domestic partners are not recognized by the IRS, while I can get my partner insurance (entirely out of the goodness of the company’s heart), I can’t … Continue reading

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