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TPD pp95-106: The Vote

There in the dark, Hank knelt down beside the bed in prayer. [Mary] knelt down beside him, took his hand, and together they placed themselves in the hands of the Lord. God’s will would be done this night, and they … Continue reading

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TPD pp94-95: How not to run a conspiracy from a university

Today’s post is a bit lighter: it’s just generally bad writing. Marshall and Bernice are talking things over back at the Clarion. “Ah, so [Hank and his church] do have troubles.” “But totally unrelated to ours, and I’m glad.” Hah, it’s funny … Continue reading

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Lazy blogging

I follow a number of food blogs in my rss reader, mostly for recipes; today, these two blog entries showed up overnight (or maybe early this morning): Exibit A: Exibit B: Serious Eats TheKitchn’s open thread formula is as … Continue reading

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Tea Time 3: Adagio Teas Tropical Sampler

Today is the first of our samplers from I went a little overboard and bought a lot of samplers, so, you might see a lot more from them in the future. Let’s hope they’re good! We started with the … Continue reading

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TPD pp 92-94: How not to counsel one of your flock

Trigger warning: Mental health issues, terrible doctor-patient relationships, implied slut-shaming. On Friday evening, Hank couldn’t get the upcoming business meeting off his mind, which was probably to his advantage considering the young lady sitting across from him in his little … Continue reading

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I’d like to say my radio silence yesterday was part of the anti-SOPA protest, but while I’m against SOPA and PIPA 100%, it wasn’t. Instead, it was because I was in pain. I’m still in pain, in fact. I had … Continue reading

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TPD pp 84-91: Bernice on the prowl

I don’t have much to say about the beginning of Chapter 9, mostly because it’s honestly pretty well-written. Kate and Marshall set a place for Sandy at their table, and fret and worry (yes, even Marshall!) when she doesn’t show … Continue reading

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TPD pp 81-85: Gossip and slander

Tuesday morning — it’s only been a little over 24 hours since the book began! — opens with the Clarion being a dead zone since the edition was published that day. Then we get this little nugget: As for Edie, … Continue reading

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So.. tired…

The best thing I learned at Uni was how to maximize my vending machine choices. Late at night, stuck in a computer lab with vending machines right outside, desperate to stay awake, you learn a lot about your bodily needs. … Continue reading

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Tea Time 2: EnjoyingTea (w/ bonus Teavana review)

I ordered some tea from Teavana and they threw in a free sample, so I get to do a teavana review. Yay! Sample: Youthberry & Wild Orange Blossem Blend w/ German Rock Sugar Description: Reinvigorate your skin and add vitamins and … Continue reading

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