Prompt: Hands

I obviously didn’t get a TPD up this past weekend like I’d promised 😦 I’m sorry about that. To make it up to you I’m taking time out of my nano to do another writing prompt 🙂 Prompt from – I’ve done it on a fictional character, though.

1. His hands shook slightly as he re-adjusted the bandages, wrapping them with care and speed. A faded scar across the back of his left hand spoke of old injuries; his right knuckles had been scraped slightly against the tap in the bathtub, the pain minimal and forgotten rapidly in light of the situation. He’d never been able to keep long, manicured nails; they always broke or were bitten off long before they approached “pretty”. The traitorous wrinkles around his knuckles belied his attempts to seem youthful, despite the daily workout and careful diet.

 2. Gently, he pressed a finger against the boy’s forearm, avoiding the bandaged wrist as his heart skipped a beat. The darker skin on the backs of his fingers stood out against the boy’s pale inner arm; the shaking made it harder to get a reading, but the hands refused to remain still in a time such as this.

3. The stillness in the room was like that of the Roman ruins he had explored with the boy when he was smaller; the quiet reverence of the marble-adorned grave mirrored the emptiness in the cheap hotel room now. Then, as now, he had the feeling of monumental importance and weight pressing on him, forcing awe from his simple form as he faced something that transcended beyond him, beyond the everyday circumstances that had seemed so important mere moments before.

4. Would the boy live to return to Rome? The man’s heart skipped a beat, and almost he pulled away from the fallen body, but no, there. The faint glimmer of life remained in the boy’s depleted veins, despite his best efforts. Tears clouding his vision, the man lifted his nephew and cradled him to his chest, whispering soothing lullabyes as he left for the hospital.

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