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Agni: Unboxing

Alright, so in my last post I managed to figure out what, exactly, Agni is. Now the next most pressing question is: How the heck do I get inside it? I’ve got the tech specs now, so I’m fairly confident what I … Continue reading

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Introducing: Agni

Once upon a time, I mentioned to Chaos’s father that I wished I had a sandbox server to play with my web development skills. Once upon a time, Chaos’s father mentioned that he had an old desktop tower from a school that … Continue reading

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Video Post: Announcements

The Hunt can be purchased here For more from Sinfully Delicious, click here The Jane Bailey facebook can be found here

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New video post coming tomorrow

    I feel kind of bad for not updating Dogs and Goddesses two weeks in a row… So I made a video for you all with several special announcements! It’ll go up tomorrow morning, but in the meantime, here’s … Continue reading

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No Dogs and Goddesses

This chapter is like 20+ pages and I am drawing a massive blank. I have, however, broken out in hysterical laughter at work over stuff that wasn’t funny, barely slept, and maaaybe kind of hyperventilated at my desk a few … Continue reading

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TPD ch 35: Bigotry and brainwashing

I reeeeally don’t want to write this…. 😦 Content Note: Suicide, self-hatred (discussed), brainwashing tactics Sometimes I wish I was a video blogger. It’d be a lot easier to talk to a camera than sit down and piece through a book … Continue reading

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Valentine’s day!

It’s valentine’s day, ladies and gentlemen! And since I totally forgot to do the deconstruction it’s a holiday, let’s reminisce, shall we? The morning show I listen to was talking about pathetic love stories and “Bearing a torch” for someone, … Continue reading

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