Reviews of tea will go up on weekends; Saturday vs Sunday will depend on the week, as people have flexible work schedules.

Meet the Tea Reviewers

Yami is the primary author of this blog; she can’t stand bitterness at all due to being a supertaster, so generally enjoys a stronger-flavored tea so it’ll still have flavor after she puts milk to take the edge off the bitter. Generally prefers black and herbal teas over green.

Chaos is Yami’s domestic partner, who rarely drinks tea outside of these reviews.

Kae is Yami and Chaos’ best friend who procured the first batch of teas. Prefers unpleasant tastes to no flavor at all; lacks the inability to handle bitterness that characterizes Yami’s tasting experience and tends to be able to eat just about anything.




If you would like to recommend a source, please feel free to leave a comment. The following are already under consideration for upcoming weeks:

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