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The alarm goes off at 5:30 and I already know it’s going to be a rough day. I can feel my body’s warnings in the stiff resistance as I flex my fingers, in the subtle almost-ache in my knees, in … Continue reading

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On money

Today, for me, is my own personal Christmas. I have long been in the dark, struggling, scraping by; my advent¬†season truly began with the car accident back in September that threw my finances into disarray. I had barely begun to … Continue reading

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The spirit is willing…

I have so many ideas bursting out of my head on my daily commute that I end up feeling restless, excited, eager to work on things. There’s the secret project, soon to be debuted on my author website which is … Continue reading

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I feel like I haven’t seen you guys in ages! What’s been happening? >.> I guess I should probably ramble at this blank page until I reach enough paragraphs that it feels like a good sized update. I haven’t done … Continue reading

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So for whatever reason, Kendandra just decided to walk out of my life. Supposedly temporarily. I’ve had exactly one word from him in the past two days; others have had more, but not much, and he’s made it clear he’s … Continue reading

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Conversations with my stomach

I’m trying to listen to my body more, trusting my body’s ability to self-regulate its own food choices (as outlined in the Health At Any Size movement). Today, my stomach has decided it’s a picky toddler. Me:¬†Alright, we’re at the … Continue reading

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On fashion

How does fashion work, exactly? >.> I was musing on my facebook the other day: Ok here’s the plan: Someone go into the future and bring me a history book about early 21st-century fashion trends, one of the good ones … Continue reading

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