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Divorce pt2

Sequal to this prompt, based on some feedback I received at writers.SE. Gregory was getting too old for this. Looking at his son made him feel his age like he rarely did when alone with his wife. Mentally, he still … Continue reading

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Writing prompt: Divorce

Your character has to tell his parents that he’s getting a divorce. He knows his parents will take his wife’s side, and he is right… Prompt from Creative Writing Now Lance paced the wooden floor in his front hallway, feet … Continue reading

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TPD pp 42-48: Angels We Have Heard on High

As though the cast wasn’t large enough, we get back to the angels – or rather, a different set of angels, not that we can tell properly given none of them are named initially and their descriptions are vague and … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt: Use leather, rust and peppermint in a short story or poem.

Prompt from Toasted Cheese. He sank into the leather chair, closing his eyes as he clutched the small, rusted tin tightly in one hand. He used to come up here often as a boy, but he’d long since forgotten the … Continue reading

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I got a job! Which is nice. But is leaving me very little free time. Expect TPD updates erratically as I find time, proabably mostly on weekends. I also finished my first draft of my novella, which I plan to … Continue reading

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