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At Radiant Vanguard: Flutterguy speaks!

Have any of you ever been curious about this Flutterguy person I’ve acquired and made my writing partner? Well, wonder no longer! He goes by Kendandra online and he’s started blogging, so you can experience his sarcasm and wit with … Continue reading

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Agni lives! And: A new site

So there’s this giant cloud hovering over Agni, and its name is Mysql. Since I had the hard drive from mercury mounted instead of booting from it, I decided to just copy over the “live” database files instead of doing … Continue reading

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Video Post: Announcements

The Hunt can be purchased here For more from Sinfully Delicious, click here The Jane Bailey facebook can be found here

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Easily Amused?

So I bought myself a nice little steampunk novella, a spin-off of Alice in Wonderland called Gears of Wonderland. And then I hit this: “I’m sorry, I didn’t buy it to play, I swear, I thought the set looked pretty, … Continue reading

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Market research: Steampunk Preview

Alright, I can’t resist, I’m writing some steampunk. Don’t expect this to hit the market anytime soon; I’m still working on plot outlines and gestating ideas, but the idea for a prologue to let you get to know the characters … Continue reading

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My Birthday and Con Report

It’s my birthday! For my birthday I got a ticket to the Steampunk Empire Symposium. (This wasn’t a surprise; Chaos’ birthday is six days before mine, and I got him the same thing.) We had a blast 😀 I’ve got … Continue reading

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Steampunk Sunday

Just a quick update on my costuming: That’d be Erika, the mechanic 😀 All I need now are a tool belt and workboots.

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Steampunk Personae: Adventuring Party

Let’s talk about Steampunk. One of the things I enjoyed most when studying Theater was costume design and creation. I did almost all my practicum work in the costume shop, and picked up a lot of technique and even more … Continue reading

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