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When I’m this overworked and run down, something’s got to give. This week, it’s this blog. I do have a handful of RSS Quickies to write up for next week, but we’re going out this weekend so I might not … Continue reading

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TPD chapter 25

The last sentence of chapter 24 jumps out at me while looking at 25: […] it was all [Marshall] could do to keep from disassembling these two [policemen] I guess he’s some kind of action hero in addition to a … Continue reading

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Apparently I have a truly ancient blog on Blogger (now owned by Google) After reading stories of other bloggers on Blogger, I’m tempted to save off the posts, shut it down, and put it back up as another¬†auxiliary¬†Wordpress blog on … Continue reading

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Easily Amused 18&19

Chapter 18 Lola, upholding company tradition, leaves work early for a fake dentist appointment. And just when I was starting to like Hubert, he decides he has a right to control Lola’s actions. Apparently he asked if she had dinner … Continue reading

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Easily Amused 16 & 17

Chapter 16 opens with some domestic bliss: As the week went on, Hubert and I fell into a morning routine. I was never sure what time he woke up, but by the time I came downstairs, coffee was made, breakfast … Continue reading

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My Story: On childhood memories

(No TPD or patriotism today; have my childhood instead) When I was small, too small to remember much clearly, my parents took me to the best toy store in the universe. I remember my small mind being totally blown — … Continue reading

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Easily amused 14 & 15

Our mysterious intruder turns out to be a tall blond woman — judging by the sneer on her face, it seems se’s his ex. Congrats, Firedrake, for guessing! Ryan calls her “Tanya”, and boy is she pissed. “Did he order … Continue reading

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