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New feature?

I’m considering doing a sporadic series on supertasters, specifically, how to deal with being one and my personal journey through food. There won’t be any real update schedule, just periodically when I have time. The question is, would you guys … Continue reading

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Cooking in 2013: Freezer staples

I’ve decided to try and whip my kitchen into shape; last night I made a batch of burritos (veggie: I cooked rice in the rice cooker with seasonings and tomatoes, then added canned beans, cooked-from-frozen corn, and raw onions; I … Continue reading

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Cooking with Yami: Loco Moco-don

Cooking is pretty simple if you have good instructions. Tonight I’m cooking, something I haven’t done a lot of since I got this new job; I’m also bored as hell waiting for people to get home, so I thought I’d … Continue reading

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