On clothing

I consider myself officially a transvestite now: I dress in clothing of the opposite sex every day for professional reasons. Of course, this is far less impressive when I’m female to begin with, but I don’t see why it should be. That said, here’s my unofficial Girl’s Guide to Guy’s Clothes:

1. There is no reason why a woman’s fly should ever, EVER be unzipped. Period.

2. Men’s shirts come in larger sizes without costing extra. They also have more cleavage-room. But you might have to shorten the sleeves.

3. Pairing a men’s shirt and pants with a handbag and women’s shoes feminizes the outfit considerably.

4. Undershirts. Wear them. They’re a godsend for preventing thin shirts from highlighting your bra

Any other tips?

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6 Responses to On clothing

  1. Brin says:

    Any other tips?

    I wouldn’t know. The only thing I really got out of this post is “Use feminine pronouns for Bay”, which is admittedly useful. I deliberately structured my last talking about you to avoid pronouns for that reason. *places note in mental filing system*

  2. I have to unzip to get trousers over my hips. Occasionally I may forget to do the zip up (I prefer to do as little as possible of the necessary fumbling before washing my hands).

  3. depizan says:

    1. There is no reason why a woman’s fly should ever, EVER be unzipped. Period.

    Wait, what? O_o If I wore pants big enough put on and take off without unzipping, they wouldn’t stay on in between. Not to mention, my shirt wouldn’t stay tucked in. Am I doing clothing all wrong, somehow?

    (Though I wish I did fit men’s pants. There’s some chance they might actually fit at the waist. I think I’ve exhausted the thrift stores around me when it comes to 10-20 year old pants in my size. The cursed low rise pants thing can die any day now. The sooner the better. I have this strange desire to have my ass inside my pants.)

    • yamikuronue says:

      Yes, but when you pull them on, you usually need to zip them and do the button to make them fit, right? So the zipper gets zipped up every time the pants are pulled on, and isn’t unzipped until the pants come down again. Men unzip the zipper alone several times a day, and are still made fun of when they forget to do it back up. We don’t even have that excuse – we’re already doing a button right next to the zipper, there’s no reason to forget to zip.

      • depizan says:

        Ah, true. Though one would think that men would be doing enough, er, reorganizing in that area to remember to zip as well.

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