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Be Prepared: The Lion King from the Hyena’s point of view

First off let me start with a disclaimer: I love Lion King. I think it’s a well crafted, solid film. In fact, it’s because so much care and effort went into the creation of The Lion King that I even … Continue reading

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On money

Today, for me, is my own personal Christmas. I have long been in the dark, struggling, scraping by; my advent┬áseason truly began with the car accident back in September that threw my finances into disarray. I had barely begun to … Continue reading

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Dogs and Goddesses: Chapter 18 part 1

93% you guys! I can’t tell if this is the last chapter! Whee! (Okay, I checked, it is!) So no joke, I seriously misread that they walked into the “cavernous temple” as the “carnivorous temple”. I was so excited! Action … Continue reading

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RSS Quickies: Protect Your Face from the Cold

How To Protect Your Face From Cold, according to Real Simple Magazine Red face can be caused by cold. It goes away on its own when your face warms up. If it doesn’t go away, it might be acne. To … Continue reading

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RSS Quickies: 29 Unexpectedly Awesome Things About Being Pregnant

I’ll admit it: the idea of pregnancy freaks me out, kind of a lot. I don’t like my body doing things I don’t intend it to do, I don’t like mess, I don’t like pain, I don’t like being hormonal. … Continue reading

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