Published works


Eileen had always known she was crazy. The only thing she can do to curb the madness and push aside the disturbing, inhuman images her mental voice presents is to run; the faster and harder she pushes herself, the quieter the inner voice becomes. When a car accident robs her of even this coping mechanism, she despairs of ever being able to fit into normal society.

But hope comes in an unlikely form. A thousand miles from home, she meets a young boy who claims to be able to turn into a wolf. Is he as crazy as she is? Or could werewolves really exist? Is it possible that she’s not crazy at all? And why is he so interested in her in the first place?

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The Hunt

CoverConcept3aHe doesn’t have a name. He doesn’t have a past. All he knows is what he is – a hound of faerie, a traitor, and a runaway. But when someone under his protection is taken from him, he’ll have to face the world he left behind: the magical land of Aelfheim. An urban fantasy novel set in the same world as Wolfbound.


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Upcoming works

Bloodlust (tentative title)

The sequel to Wolfbound. Can Eileen and Marie stop a criminal in his tracks? And why does he seem to know Marie?

Status: First draft in the works.

The Weak Lion Trilogy (tentative title)

A series of High Fantasy novels written collaboratively. The Islands of the Weak Lions are home to a variety of cultures, often in conflict with one another. Can Gregorian and his brother successfully navigate the political climate and create a dynasty worthy of lasting peace?

Older works:

Olympian Complex (unfinished, abandoned)

They’ve never known anything but the government facility that gave them their powers through genetic engineering. But when their phenomenal powers fail to measure up to the benchmark they’ve been given, the five children will have to learn how to stand up for themselves. Science fiction.

Available free online here

Sanguine (Unfinished, abandoned)

All she wants to do is bring some justice back to the world. But Meg has a dark secret: she’s become the monster she fights. Fantasy, based on a Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

Availible free online here

The Fate ReVersed Trilogy (fanfiction, complete)

Yami Kuronue was well on her way to becoming the brightest Golemancer in her generation when an explosion killed her parents – and worse, propelled her into a whole new universe. Who is the handsome, gold-skinned stranger who came to her aid? And why does he wear a jet-black necklace? A Black Jewels/Muelsfell: Rise of the Golems fanfiction. Fantasy.

The books are indexed here

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