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Dogs and Goddesses: Chapter 8

Screw it. I hate re-buying books, but I broke down and bought the Kindle version of Dogs and Goddesses so I can write decons on my lunch break and maybe not be so tardy with them. (If you’re wondering why … Continue reading

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Disneybound: Belle 1

Alright, this didn’t come out as good as I’d like, but it still looks nice I think. A good solid first attempt!

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Bitten: Hunt (Chapter 7)

Today we enter the town of Blue Valley, a “blue-collar town of eight thousand”. They have an honest-to-God tractor factory. In Bear Valley […] gun control meant not letting your kids shoot with anything bigger than a twenty-gauge. Did Jeff … Continue reading

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So for whatever reason, Kendandra just decided to walk out of my life. Supposedly temporarily. I’ve had exactly one word from him in the past two days; others have had more, but not much, and he’s made it clear he’s … Continue reading

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Bitten: Legacy (chapter 6)

When last we left, Elena was insisting that now that she’d heard what Jeremy had to say and deemed it not an emergency, she was leaving. Good for her! Unfortunately, nobody else sees it that way. Particularly Clayton, who seems … Continue reading

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Bitten: Meet (Chapter 5)

Content note: rape culture Elena decides that since she can’t win a fight with Jeremy, and since it’d be impossible to get a flight home now anyway, let alone a cab to the airport, she might as well sleep. She … Continue reading

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DisneyBound: Belle

Belle: Outfit: We’re doing this. We’re making this happen. 😀

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