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Dogs and Goddesses: Chapter 11

Content note: Sex discussion follows Shar is painting the coffeehouse! Sketching a mural in charcoal on the blank wall makes her orgasm. Meanwhile, Daisy is planning a website, t-shirts, et cetera, and Abby’s wondering if she can reverse-engineer the tonic … Continue reading

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On sexism

I’ve been hearing this commercial over and over on the way to work in the mornings. It’s a McDonald’s commercial, involving a conversation between an Egg McMuffin and some Oatmeal. It begins with the Oatmeal (female voice) chastising the McMuffin … Continue reading

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On homophobic statements

While reading a thread about gay characters in fiction that managed to derail utterly into a tirade of bigotry met with understandably scornful wrath on the part of various gay members of the forums before being locked, one exchange startled … Continue reading

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