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TPD pp 119-120: More operational information

Tal’s troops are growing as more and more angels are called in by “The Remnant!” , who are apparently praying a lot lately. Why is that capitalized?  Remnant of what? It sounds like they’re refugees or something.We’re given five names … Continue reading

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Tea Time 7: Tao of Tea

This week we’re looking at three types of chai by The Tao of Tea in my quest for a really good chai to wake me up in the mornings 🙂 These teas are all 100% organic, but the tins are … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Fact Check: Abortion

The following was written by Chaos, my resident scientist. I noticed him getting incensed at his computer and encouraged him to write something 🙂  So, I was looking at a blog entry that Yami had sent to me when I … Continue reading

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TPD pp115-119: Serenity

I found my book squished between the couch and the wall 😀 It was trying to escape, it seems. From their small table on the red brick plaza below, Sandy and Shawn could look up and see the glowing leaves, … Continue reading

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Lyrics Deconstruction: “Bad” by The Cab

The premise of the song “Bad” is nothing new: the singer desires an unhealthy relationship instead of the healthy one he’s being offered. It’s a sentiment that has been echoed in many other songs, a sentiment that speaks to the … Continue reading

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Very tired. Long day at work, beginning of a long week. Not likely to be posting much. Also, I can’t find my copy of TPD, so I haven’t pre-written my deconstructions for the week like usual. Working on something interesting … Continue reading

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Tea Time 6: Odds and Ends

This week we have the English Breakfast from Adagio and another Teavana. Okay, technically these were tested two weeks ago (relative to the time this is going up), because I’ve been smart this time and pre-buffered a post for when … Continue reading

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