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On family

A friend of mine said to me today that friends come and go, but family is there forever. To me, it’s always been sort of the opposite. Well, not really. It’s the same sentiment, but has a totally opposite meaning … Continue reading

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On fire drills

I’m used to anti-Contractor bigotry. I’m used to being treated like I’m inferior or a thief because I’m not on salary. It’s annoying to not have a laptop or access to wifi because I’m not trusted to not steal company … Continue reading

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It’s almost my birthday. I’ll be 25 in 9 days. I need to re-evaluate my life choices and also there’s a convention and so basically I’m going to take two weeks off of pressuring myself into doing scheduled posts. I … Continue reading

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Dogs and Goddesses Chapter 7 part 1ish: Mina Wortham Smackdown Central

“We don’t need them,” Mina snapped. If you recall, Mina’s hung up on being Kammani’s number one priestess, and rather disapproves of Bun and Gen, let alone the main cast. I think she might be the villain here? “We’re really good … Continue reading

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RSS Quickies: How to be more patient

ooh, I haven’t done one of these in a while! How To Be More Patient, courtesy of Real Simple Magazine. As many of you may have guessed, I’m not a patient person, so I could use some advice. Let’s see … Continue reading

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TPD ch 41-42: The end

Bernice is waiting outside, and instantly goes about deceiving the FBI in the name of Jesus, the Great Deceiver. Oh wait, no, that’s Satan, sorry. She’s just deceptive. She implies that her bruises were received just then inside the building … Continue reading

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TPD ch 40: Gary Stu’s and The Doctor

Finally, some action! Marshall and co storm into the conference room, where we find out that the “huge Arabian” and the “fierce African” have been flanking him. (Is anyone else picturing a horse when they talk about a “huge Arabian”?) … Continue reading

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Random musings

I’m not dead! I’m just… well… Okay so in my interview for this job they asked about a number of web technologies and I said “yeah, I looked at that a little” meaning I poked around with it for a … Continue reading

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