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Easily Amused 12 & 13

Chapter 12 Chapter 12 opens with dissapointment: there’s no more hidden stashes of moneyin the house, nor any antiques. It takes them more than a day to go through everything; however, Lola actually feels better at the end of it, … Continue reading

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Rough Day

I feel like I’m drowning. I struggle to tread water, proclaiming my innocence to the turbulent skies: It wasn’t me, I didn’t do it, I didn’t know, but the waves keep dunking my head under water and the more I … Continue reading

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TPD chapter 23

Yet more recap: Marshall calls the police station and trades info with someone named Sara the office lady, who tells him Alf Brummel hates his guts (le gasp!). In return, he tells her he’s planning an investigation, and if the … Continue reading

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Easily Amused: 10&11

So while on a plane I did some math. At one chapter a week, I’ll not be finished with the book until next February. In the interest of being done before Christmas, I’ll try to fit in two chapters a … Continue reading

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Endless Summer week 6-7

We’ve been on vacation, so not a lot got done these past two weeks. Better Fireworks Didn’t happen. They got to California safely but we never set them off. I’m removing it from the list because of state laws it … Continue reading

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Got your Number Decon 2 (pg20-32)

Sorry about missing last week- turns out, planes are not nearly as conducive to writing as I had hoped. On the up side, I had a pretty great trip all told and I’ve confirmed that I don’t have a fear … Continue reading

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Easily amused: Bridezilla

That’s right, boys and girls. It’s Bridezilla time! How to become a bridezilla in 5 easy steps:   1. Ignore all input from your family and friends: “No, I won’t love it,” I said. “Do not do this.” “It’ll be … Continue reading

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