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I feel like I haven’t seen you guys in ages! What’s been happening? >.> I guess I should probably ramble at this blank page until I reach enough paragraphs that it feels like a good sized update. I haven’t done … Continue reading

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Agni lives! And: A new site

So there’s this giant cloud hovering over Agni, and its name is Mysql. Since I had the hard drive from mercury mounted instead of booting from it, I decided to just copy over the “live” database files instead of doing … Continue reading

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Easily Amused?

So I bought myself a nice little steampunk novella, a spin-off of Alice in Wonderland called Gears of Wonderland. And then I hit this: “I’m sorry, I didn’t buy it to play, I swear, I thought the set looked pretty, … Continue reading

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Market research: Steampunk Preview

Alright, I can’t resist, I’m writing some steampunk. Don’t expect this to hit the market anytime soon; I’m still working on plot outlines and gestating ideas, but the idea for a prologue to let you get to know the characters … Continue reading

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My Birthday and Con Report

It’s my birthday! For my birthday I got a ticket to the Steampunk Empire Symposium. (This wasn’t a surprise; Chaos’ birthday is six days before mine, and I got him the same thing.) We had a blast 😀 I’ve got … Continue reading

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Steampunk Ho!

I’ll be at a con this weekend, so no tea review. In honor of my going to a steampunk con, have a whole bunch of thing that are not remotely steampunk.  …ok, ok, and some Steampunk Portal: — by DeviantArt … Continue reading

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Steampunk Sunday

Just a quick update on my costuming: That’d be Erika, the mechanic 😀 All I need now are a tool belt and workboots.

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Steampunk Personae: Adventuring Party

Let’s talk about Steampunk. One of the things I enjoyed most when studying Theater was costume design and creation. I did almost all my practicum work in the costume shop, and picked up a lot of technique and even more … Continue reading

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