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Easily Amused chapter 4

No subtitle this week, this is the entirety of chapter four, it’s a very short one. Hubert’s unannounced intrusion has trampled on Lola’s sleep habits: she stayed up vacuuming and doing laundry so there’d be clean sheets for him, and once dawn … Continue reading

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RSS Quickies: Bridesmaids cost HOW much?

Apparently, Real Simple magazine had someone write in saying “I’ve had to shell out over $1000 to be a bridesmaid and now they want me to chip in $50 for a group gift for the bride and I can’t afford … Continue reading

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TPD pp 165-171: Awkward…

You know what time it is? More Nameless Characters Time! Today’s nameless one is described as follows: the silver-haired man who had been here before That’s seriously it. So I went on a scavenger hunt and came up with this … Continue reading

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What is Love? (Baby don’t hurt me)

You have heard it said that you shall love the sinner but hate the sin. There are any number of people out there who would say they love homosexuals, that God loves homosexuals, but that they abhor homosexuality as God … Continue reading

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Decon Vs: First Impressions

Hello and wecome to the first part of Decon Versus. For those that didn’t see the intro, this is going to be a comparison and deconstruction of two shows: Eyeshield 21 and The Prince of Tennis. I’m going to be … Continue reading

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Life Lessons: Everything happens

“Well, everything happens…” “Don’t say, ‘For a reason.’” “I was just going to say, everything happens.” –Dr Horrible’s Sing-along Blog I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I don’t mean that in the way most people … Continue reading

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Easily Amused chapter 3: Hubert the entitled prick

When we last left off, everyone with a shred of empathy was feeling all the sads about Hubert’s situation. Time for more creepy behavior to mitigate that! “You wound up the clock?” I asked He grinned. “Yes, I did. I … Continue reading

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RSS Quickies: Kids and porn

Disclaimer: I am not a parent. However… Your Kid Saw Porn Online. Now What? First of all, this depends on the age of the kid. At some point it’s perfectly normal for them to be seeking out porn on their own. … Continue reading

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No deconstruction today

It’s currently Sunday. This is a filler that will go up unless I pull off a miracle tomorrow night. It seems a bag of salad I ate earlier this week was recalled due to infection by Listeria monocytogenes. My immune system … Continue reading

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RSS Quickies: Cleaning

8 Secrets Why Women Love to Clean Do I really have to say anything at all? I’m not feeling well. Can I just leave it at that? No? I actually have to read the damn thing? Sigh. Okay. We went … Continue reading

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