Dogs and Goddesses: Chapter six part 2: Lesbian cookies

So what are people other than Shar doing?

Not much, it seems. Abby and Daisy are waxing nostalgic about Abby’s dead grandmother she never knew. It seems that while she didn’t know Bea, Bea was saving newspaper clippings and photos of Abby. I guess I can see that making you a little sad. Personally, the last time a relative I barely knew died I was more disturbed that I wasn’t sad enough than sad, so I hate to see scenes like this that sort of imply that the normal human reaction to a stranger who is somehow related to you dying is a deep, profound sense of loss. But this seems to be trying not to go there so….

Thankfully they rapidly change the topic with the weirdest segue ever:

“Sorry, sweetie,” Daisy said, sounding slightly distracted.

Abby shoved her hair back from her face and looked at her. “Are you all right?”

“Me? Great. Hey, has anything odd been happening around you? Anything you can’t quite explain?”

“Apart from the fact that Bowser suddenly seems to have developed the ability to speak?”

WELL OKAY THEN. At least we’re not dancing around the subject I guess?

So it turns out Bea has all kinds of artifacts belonging to Kammani and a bajillion variants on a recipe for punch that the ladies theorize might have been attempts to create the magic dog-talking tonic. Also am I reading too much into this or is Daisy a little gay here?

“I wish I were like her.”

“You’re like her,” Daisy said. “That skirt looks great on–“

I’m totally reading too much into it aren’t I? Lol.

Anyway, she was cut off by a phone call from Shar asking to meet at the temple. She seems oddly unconcerned about the ability to hear dogs as she rapidly infodumps on the other two, showing them the bas relief and searching for ‘clues’.

And then…. Daisy finds a computer.

I meant this to be only a two-parter but it’s going to be three. Sorry for this week being short.

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3 Responses to Dogs and Goddesses: Chapter six part 2: Lesbian cookies

  1. Firedrake says:

    Yeah, sometimes people assume that a particular way is the only way to be. Like the ones who always think that a split-up family should get back together, no matter what the history or the reasons for the split.

    • yamikuronue says:

      Yeah. I never could imagine my parents together. They were so very different from each other! I couldn’t see either making the other happy. Then I’d see all these after-school specials about how divorce ruins childhoods and I’d be all “uh……?”

      (It turns out my mom was an alcoholic when she married my dad and after she got sober they didn’t work out so well. I was too young to remember her heavy drinking or anything though)

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