TPD ch 39: in which nothing happens.

At Juleen Langstrat’s direction, all the smiling psychics, along with Sandy and Shawn

Who are also psychic but scowling?

Anyway, they’re meeting the “Ascended Master” Rafar so that the college can join the “New World Order”. Meanwhile, stormclouds gather, demons prepare, and Marshall and the Remnant rush onto the scene in anxious preparations of their own.

“So what if they do pray?” Lucius said with a  fatherly tone. “Has it helped them to this point? Has it slowed our progress one iota?”

You know, straw-demon has a point (WARNING: TVTROPES).

The angels also prepare for battle. The Strongman walks into the conference room. Brummel walks in on the meditation. The Remnant start praying. Sandy meditates. Lucius ignores warning signs. Chapter 39 ends.

Seriously, can something HAPPEN already? Now you’re just dragging this out.

Normally I’d go on to 40 but I need some sleep. See you next week.

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1 Response to TPD ch 39: in which nothing happens.

  1. Firedrake says:

    But it’s all so (yawn) terribly EXCITING. The struggle for the fate of all humanZzzzzzzzz…

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