Tea Time 9: Celestial teabag assortment

I’m starting to run out of suppliers of loose-leaf teas, so this week we’re trying some bag teas instead. Kae picked the assortment out this week, so let’s see how he did.

Sample: Lemon Zinger Herbal Tea from Celestial Seasonings

Description: Bursting with Fruit Flavor!

Preparation: 200F for 6 minutes

Review: It smells very, very lemon as it steeps. Chaos’ first comment: “Is anyone else alarmed that this tea is red? This tea is totally red. It kind of concerns me.” After letting it cool a bit, it had a strong hit of citric acid but not much sweetness thanks to it being mostly lemon peel. Honey adds the sweetness back in and makes it “a nice blend of sweet and bitter” according to kae.  Yami finds that, like most lemon teas, she likes to add enough honey that that flavor predominates, making it a lemon-honey concoction rather than primarily lemon. Chaos finds it not bad, still confused as to the color but ” has a nice lemon undercurrent”.

Would Buy? Yami might for a nice relaxing cup, though she usually prefers mint. The boys agreed it was tasty.


Sample: Peppermint Tea

Description: Peppermint.

Preparation: 200F

Review: This brews up grass-green. The first sip is bland with a strong, almost toothpastey mint aftertaste according to Yami. Kae rather likes it, however, but says he definitely wants it sweetened. Chaos coughed and said “That is aggressively mint! But it’s good.” Honey mellows out some of the aggression.

Would Buy? Yami’s had better. Kae and Chaos would.


Sample: Honey Vanilla Chamomile

Description: See above

Preparation:  About six minutes at 200F

Review: Smells like honey. And vanilla. Kind of… syrupy. Kae announced it was “not bad”, but Yami found it syrupy and gross. Kae added a moment later that “I had high hopes for it”, indicating his disappointment with the lack of deliciousness. Chaos declared it “kind of bland,” and announced he “didn’t really get the vanilla taste” and that it “kind of just seems, um….” before he got distracted by My Little Pony. A moment later, he added, “tasty water, I guess?”

Would Buy? No all around. Kae adds that if he bought this sampler again he’d rather drink it than trash it, though.

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