RSS Quickies: Mismatched Chairs

Around the Dining Table: Mismatched Eames Chairs

We like the casual look of mismatched dining room chairs

Oh good. Then you’ll love my place. None of my chairs match and I only have three of them so when guests are over we eat on the sofa and I pull up the desk chair. Also one of the chairs has stuff piled on it so nobody tries to sit in it because the support is broken and I’d hate for a guest to get hurt.

So my place must be “casual” and rustic, right?

Face. Meet palm.

Oh yeah, and those chairs? Fucking$250 apiece.

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3 Responses to RSS Quickies: Mismatched Chairs

  1. Jarred H says:

    $250 per chair?!?!?!

    I really don’t understand some people…..To my mind, at least, furniture is meant to be functional. I can get perfectly functional (and mismatched no less!) furniture at Volunteers of America.

    Granted, I’m privileged in that:
    1. Going to VoA for furniture is a matter of choice rather than necessity.
    2. I can actually afford to get furniture VoA.
    3. I have friends with vehicles big enough to get my furniture back home.
    4. I have a place to put furniture.

  2. jenl1625 says:


    1. Since when does “same chair in different colors” equal “mismatched”? They’re clearly a matched set…

    2. $250 for PLASTIC chairs? Really?
    2.1. $250 for UGLY plastic chairs? That look like they came out of my high school cafeteria?

    3. I guess if you can afford a place with enough space that you can afford to leave that much floor and wall space empty (no shelving, counter space, etc. – just stark open space), I guess you can afford to spend too much money on ugly chairs….

  3. Moonlit Night says:

    There’s two things going on here. One is how much even a cheap chair really costs. I purchase furniture for a big corporation, and even after our discount (typically 30-60% off), a contract quality plastic and metal stacking chair is $100+ and an upholstered guest chair such as you might use for private office guest seating runs anywhere from $200 to $600 even for a local manufacturer and the standard fabrics, not leather. It can get higher if you want something really nice, like leather, curves and wood all at once.

    The second thing is the pricetag on design icons by original manufacturers. Those are Eames shell chairs from Herman Miller. They list at $315 on the stacker version and $462 on the wood-dowel version, so the dealer is offering a 15-20% discount off list and free shipping, which is a pretty good bargain for retail. (By my calculations so far, retail price in a physical shop is often 1-1/2x or 2x the wholesale price.) It’s a great irony that many midcentury modern designers wanted to design beautiful, functional, yet affordable furniture for the common man, and the common man today is often lucky to afford the knockoff of an item designed for inexpensive mass production. When you get into upholstered furniture, the price gap gets a lot worse: I priced out a Swan chair for a reception area last year. The licensed original (new, not vintage) costs at least $3000 in wool and $5000 with leather. A local retailer has 3 different knockoffs, from $500 – $1200 in wool.

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