My Birthday and Con Report

It’s my birthday!

For my birthday I got a ticket to the Steampunk Empire Symposium. (This wasn’t a surprise; Chaos’ birthday is six days before mine, and I got him the same thing.) We had a blast 😀 I’ve got all kinds of new costume ideas and I’m planning a book down the pipe. Hopefully I can jog some of this editor’s block and get The Hunt released while I’m in a creativity burst.

Pictures! I’ll have pictures of us up next weekend, planning a photoshoot rather than posting the few impromptu photos I took at the con, but I did see a couple of really awesome costumes:

This guy was not, he informed us, a steampunk Space Marine; he’s an original concept, part of a group ensemble. Unfortunately we missed their demo so I never did get the backstory.

I really have no idea what this guy’s deal was except being AWESOME.

The Apparition Abolishers were there in all their glory; they took the photo above, and if you follow the link they have a dozen more, much better than my amateur cellphone shots. This is one of their famous Proton Pack; at the panel I went to, we got to see detailed making-of shots. I took copious notes 😀

They had airship races! I was so taken with one particular airship, the Airship Omnipotent, that I kind of missed taking photos of the others 😦 Here’s what I have:

(you can kind of see another airship, shaped like a clownfish, in the background. Also. Don’t you just love those wings?! I kept trying to find her to ask how she’d done it but never did get close.)


So yeah, I had fun 😀

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