Adventures in Swapping

So I’ve been playing a lot of Animal Crossing.

Today we posted our dodo code publicly for the first time. We gated off a section of the island so it was all our guests could reach, and built a little Swap Shop complete with a sign. The idea? Take an item, leave an item. The reality? The first guy who showed up cleaned out half the items and booked it, halfheartedly dropping 6 hardwood in response. (Hardwood is a very plentiful resource, and 6 is a pitiful amount).

Based off this article, the idea seemed sound. And yet, I think the “DM me for the codes” element of his posting was essential to maintaining some semblance of accountability. That or his twitter feed is self-selected for people who will understand the point of the concept. We posted on with a note explaining that there was a swap shop and to bring things to barter, but apparently the idea isn’t self-explanatory enough for the limited text on the site to carry the meaning. (We did post a longer explanation in a facebook group, but nobody came, so we opened it up to in the hopes of reaching more people).

I’ll keep you posted on future shopping endeavours.


Image may contain: table

These tables were full when we started…

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