Happy Mother’s Day

Some mothers are awful.

I want you to remember that. Today, everyone’s going to be talking about mothers. Everyone’s going to talk about this special kind of love, this unconditional, selfless love that mothers have for their children. They’re going to talk about how mothers work tirelessly, never once complaining, to make sure you have what you need. How mothers are always there to lend a listening ear, how they’re always the first person you turn to when you need to feel better. There will be pictures of smiling, saintly-looking mothers embracing daughters and sons, captioned with the same old cliches.

But not all mothers are like that.

Some of you out there are waking from nightmares about your mother. Some of you are forcing a smile on your face as strangers and adverts urge you to call your mother, send her flowers and gifts, be grateful for her. Some of you are cancelling plans or dreading going out at all. Some of you are wondering if you’re the problem. If mothers are so amazing and so unconditionally accepting, why doesn’t yours accept you? Why doesn’t yours love you?

It’s not your fault. Some mothers are awful. Please remember that.

I’m going back to bed to see if the nightmares have stopped yet.

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