Bitten: Detour (Chapter 20)

TW: Rapey

Bitten: Detour (Chapter 20)

When we last left off, Elena and Clay were fully clothed on the couch downstairs.

When Elena wakes up, they’re both naked in her bed.

Ew. I can’t even. Just. Ew. Nope. Not touching this.

Bitten: Detour (Chapter 20)

We pick up this week with Clay and Elena naked in bed.

Outside the room, the house was silent. There wasn’t any reason to get up yet and no need to invent a reason. It was comfortable here. We needed the rest. The thought and feel of Clay’s naked body against mine sparked a few unbidden images and ideas, but he wasn’t doing anything to provoke the need to fight them. […] After a few minutes, he started to kiss the back of my neck. Still no cause for alarm. The back of my neck was hardly an erogenous zone.

So Elena is basically talking herself through panicky, rape-survivor feelings so she can continue to be sexual with Clay. Clay evokes panicked, “I’m about to be raped” feelings in Elena.

Nope. Nope. Nope.

Bitten: Detour (Chapter 20)

When we start this chapter, Jeremy informs Elena that Philip called while she was sleeping, and Jeremy had picked up her cellphone.

I hadn’t called Philip because I forgot him. It sounded awful, but it was the plain truth. I loved this man, I knew I did, and that only made it worse. At least if I could say I wasn’t in love with… In love? Was I in love with Philip?[…] I forgot Philip because that was how I was coping with this mess, splitting my life into two compartments, human and Pack.

Because something as simple as forgetting to call home when you’re preoccupied with people dying around you and torturing people is obviously A Sign and not just human forgetfulness.

No, I know this trope. She actually forgot to call Philip because she was too busy fucking Clay and that means she and Clay are meant to be together because Clay is in both her worlds or something and ….

Nope. I deny that that’s the ending coming and I’m going to stick my fingers in my ears and sing at the top of my lungs until the thought goes away.

Bitten: Detour (Chapter 20)

In today’s chapter, we find out that the Pack has an elaborate procedure for hiding a body. See, with DNA testing and forensics, they now have to spend a whole half a day disposing of the people they murdered because of their draconian rule over everything werewolf. Elena and Clay drive out to the sites, burying the body at one spot (going so far as to cut off the bruises made when Clay snapped Cain’s neck just in case they could pull thumbprints) and burning his personal effects at another. They’re on the way back home when they get pulled over by the cops, who are looking for Clay.


“Lots of storage space, ” he said. “How much stuff can you fit in these things?”

Subtle. I don’t get “Can you hide a body in your trunk” from that at all.

The cops have an anonymous tip saying Clay knows something about the murder of Mike Braxton, which Elena figures is a trap set by the Mutts, but then inexplicably, she decides the mutts won’t jump them in a building full of armed guards because…. they care so much about human life? They’re smart enough to stay out of danger? Both things she’s explicitly contradicted in previous chapters. Plot reasons, I guess.

The police station waiting room was smaller than my bedroom at Stonehaven and had probably cost less than my silver vanity set to furnish.

Way to sound like a rich snob there, Elena.

Elena realizes people are staring at her because she was found naked in the woods with her clothes all over creation.

Towns like Bear Valley had a special spot for women like me– as guest of honor at the annual summer picnic and bonfire.

Is she implying they’d burn her at the stake? For being into kinky forest sex on private property? Um… ok. Seems a bit tasteless to me.

Marsten strolls in, pulling off the relaxed, disinterested, sexy look perfectly — more evidence against Elena’s assertions that all mutts are stupid and can’t hide what they are or pass for human.

Marsten was one of the few mutts who didn’t kill humans. Like so many things, that was beneath him. […] Yet we kept a closer eye on him than on any mutt besides Daniel.

Marsten, it seems, wants territory, with a single-minded purpose that worries the Pack. So… give him some? Oh wait, Pack law, yadda yadda, mutts are all evil. Goddamn. The chapter ends abruptly here, just before LeBlanc is going to speak with Elena.

Wow, that was a short chapter, wasn’t it?

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2 Responses to Bitten: Detour (Chapter 20)

  1. Firedrake says:

    Yeah, I’m sure these chapters are going to keep getting shorter. Run, Philip!

    What this pack needs is an unlicenced crematorium.

    (And cutting out the site of a distinctive wound has been on CSI a bunch of times.)

    And yeah, if it weren’t for Jeremy insisting that he is the God Of All Werewolves it seems they’d all manage a whole lot better.

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