Bitten: Stalking (Chapter 16)

So at the end of the last chapter, Nick, Clay, and Elena decided to go drive out away from the murder scenes to go for a run and hunt deer. Apparently Nick is a professional playboy who squanders money with his dad’s permission, which Elena apparently thinks is sweet:

I envied […] the thought of growing up in a world where someone cared so much about your happiness and so little about what you accomplished in life.

Gag me.

Clay manages to somehow pick a fight with Elena based on her trying to be polite but not implying that she’s going to stick around forever, which pisses him right off because he can’t stand to not get everything he wants.

Just ignore Clay. Good advice. Really, really good advice. For practicality, though, it ranked up there with telling an acrophobic “just don’t look down”.

The ground doesn’t usually jump out of the bushes and tackle you, though. Apparently she can’t find it in her to be mad at Clay anymore (probably because it’d get in the way of the burgeoning love story), though it’s hard to tell if they’re playing or what when he abruptly lashes out and trips her. I guess it’s supposed to be playful, but given his violent sulks when he doesn’t get his way….

Apparently Nick is a bad werewolf and can’t hear what his wolf side is telling him, but it’s okay because Clay and Elena are the dominant pair here. Or some bullcrap. There’s this thing that fantasy werewolf writers do where they basically have the two communicating as though they were talking based on slight eye motions, like:

[Clay] caught my eye with a look that said “what the hell, you only live once.” I snorted my agreement.

which honestly just feels lazy, particularly when it’s done basically constantly while they’re in canine form. There’s no real effort, just put what you want them to be saying in quotes and ascribe it to “a look”.

They kill their deer and have a nap, and while they’re napping, Cain the mutt pulls an Edward and apparently sneaks up to watch them sleep. Creepy.

I felt the vibration of running paws hitting the ground somewhere behind me. That was Clay and Nick. I recognized them without looking

Apparently Elena can pick out specific werewolves by the distinct vibration their feet make when they hit the ground. Wat. A line later she picks out Clay’s “rhythmic breathing” at her heels. Sure. Why the fuck not. This is officially magic.

Apparently bigger men make bigger wolves: Cain is “literally” twice Elena’s size, since he’s 6’4 in human form. So either she’s 3′ tall in human form or it’s an exponential function of some kind.  Cain nevertheless runs away from Elena, who is then promptly attacked by Clay. Just as I’m thinking he’s done some kind of illusion magic to make them not recognise each other, Clay shifts back so he can talk using words. Apparently he just tackled her to get her attention because he’s sure this is a trap. What a dreamboat.


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2 Responses to Bitten: Stalking (Chapter 16)

  1. Firedrake says:

    If Cain is twice Elena’s mass, and they’re equally proportioned, she’d be a shade over five feet tall. (But back in chapter 4 “I grew tall and rangy”, so probably not.)

    At least somebody in this bloody universe has some idea of tactics other than “charge straight in”. Even if it does turn out to be the bad guys.

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