I appear to have offended the gods


  • my arm still hurts from straining a muscle over the weekend,
  • despite having 10 pairs of socks a few weeks ago, I only appear to have two in my laundry hamper full of clean laundry,
  • someone had left the thermostat too high so it was hot and humid,
  • my bluetooth headset snapped in half,
  • my car wouldn’t start,
  • the guy who they sent to jump my car ran out of gas and had to send a second guy who supposedly had the day off,
  • and while I was waiting for him to show up, I got an email saying the servers were down at work.

If anyone knows what deity I offended today, I’d be glad to offer the appropriate appeasement gift >.>

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4 Responses to I appear to have offended the gods

  1. Firedrake says:

    Not one of the big impressive smitey ones. You’re still alive. Goddess of Irritations?

  2. Well, for starters…

    1. Clearly you forgot to make your evening sacrifices to the God of the Dryer. He’s actually more of a demon or demi god, nevertheless he requires evening sacrifices, or he eats your socks.

    2. You also pissed off the God of the Weather, otherwise you wouldn’t need the thermostat to be messed with in the first place. You can try doing a dance to please them but it’s probably too late now.

    3. Did you forget to sacrifice chocolate cereal to the God of the Car Trouble again? You know better than to forget 😉

    • yamikuronue says:

      The store was out of cocoa puffs. Maybe the God of Car Trouble was offended by my use of generic cereal as an offering?

      • Ah, yes, that is your problem right there. Last time I offered the God of Car Trouble the generic cereal instead of name brand, he totaled my 1997 Geo Metro. He (or She, I’m not honestly sure which) sent forth a plague of rust upon my car, and it did cause the axel to snap in two while sitting at a traffic light at a very busy intersection.

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