Dogs and Goddesses: The End!

See, I told you I’d finish it. Booyah! I feel like I finished a marathon or something.

Video below!

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2 Responses to Dogs and Goddesses: The End!

  1. Firedrake says:

    Hey, nice T-shirt!

    Ever played Car Wars? Where in six seconds you can… “accelerate from 0-60 mph, perform as many as 25 driving maneuvers safely, and fire on three separate targets long enough to receive a sustained-fire to-hit bonus on each, all the while maintaining a steady stream of conversation with [your] allies”. (From Murphy’s Rules.)

    It may be my genre snobbishness speaking here, but it seems to me that as modern fantasy authors these three are pretty good romance writers. The same sort of problem happens with Nora Roberts’ In Death series, which I’ve largely enjoyed, but which is much stronger when it can simply assume a World of Tomorrow in the background (flying cars, stunners, woo) than when it has to dig into the details. Mere strength of emotion is a terrible basis for governance!

    On the other hand they seem to be doing a fairly poor job of character logistics too. It’s a very traditional way to set up an ending to put all your characters in the same place (obvious parallels with stage devices) but it’s a good idea to have an excuse for them to be there.

    The Real Power? You mean she’s been playing Dungeons and Dragons?

    That’s a bit of a cop-out ending. Lots of fantasy books use the even greater cop-out of everyone’s powers and memories being taken away as soon as the adventure is over, but not even to bother to explain what’s going on…

    I think that’s the second creepiest proposal I’ve ever met in mass media. (The creepiest was in Deep Impact, which boiled down to “if you marry me you can come into the asteroid shelter with me and bring your family, otherwise you’re all going to die”.)

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