Dogs and Goddesses: Chapter 18 part 1

93% you guys! I can’t tell if this is the last chapter! Whee! (Okay, I checked, it is!)

So no joke, I seriously misread that they walked into the “cavernous temple” as the “carnivorous temple”. I was so excited! Action and adventure at last! I attack the Gazebo! But sadly, it was not meant to be. Instead, the temple is just huge.

Everyone came along, which kind of implies that Daisy and Noah made up, but we didn’t see it so who knows right? I feel like the Daisy author wanted to leave Noah behind but the Abby author would have none of it and overrode that whole fight. Ah, the joys of collaboration.

In traditional Villain style, Kammani is standing with her back to the door as they enter. She turns dramatically slowly, showing off her full goddess regalia (“kind of like Cher dressed as a nun”) and revealing the “wildness in her eyes”. Seriously, could this be any more cliche? I keep waiting for her to say “if you strike me down I will only rise up stronger” or something.

Mina of course is in a business suit, revealing her true Corporate Evil self.

“The Flood will cleanse the earth of non-believers. Only those who respect my power will survive.”

“How?” Abby said. “Do they float longer?”

Epic win Abby.

Kammani stabs Sam! I did not see that one coming! Shar has this moment of utter terror and sadness, but then she steps up to perform her part in the ritual. Good; if this got dragged out for two more chapters I think I’d give up altogether >.>.

I guess the chant last time really was the whole thing; Abby starts it out, finishing at “Of the place without souls”, and then Daisy picks up the next bit. The “chorus” would be the part with “We abjure you by The Great Goddess Who is Three”.

Incidentally, Kammani starts glowing, levitating, and spinning. Which much look friggan hysterical when she’s dressed in Mesopotamian robes.

Christopher gets a chance to valiantly defend “his” lady, and Noah saves Daisy as well. Sam gets stabbed again. Can we talk about this? It seems like despite being a tale about women wielding divine powers, they sure seem to need boyfriends really desperately. Even Noah, who seems pretty useless and has to get rescued himself, gets a chance to play hero. Is this really necessary? It kind of feels like the moral is that even strong women need to be rescued by men. Maybe I’m being oversensitive, but it rubs me a little wrong.

More later~!

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2 Responses to Dogs and Goddesses: Chapter 18 part 1

  1. Firedrake says:

    Re the floaty spinny bit: “I make it a rule never to sleep with possessed people.”

    I quite like rescuing my wife from things, but she does it for me just as much.

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