Dogs and Goddesses: Chapter 15

I WILL finish this book! I swear it! Someday!

So anyway, last time, we had Vera being dead and her funeral being delayed by a swarm of bees. This time, the bees have gone, and the coffeehouse is booming, with Gen helping Abby by making wonderful desserts. Bun is, ironically, good with ovens. Because… oh nevermind, I’m sure you get the pun there.

This is, again, the very picture of a healthy relationship here:

Unfortunately, Christopher Mackenzie had been stopping by just as often, on some made-up excuse or another, but since Thursday he hadn’t tried to talk to Abby alone, and she could almost think she was beginning to relax around him. Unless he showed up when she wasn’t on her guard or she happened to brush against him, and then she was an emotional mess all over again

Protip: If you give the girl you like stomachaches by pursuing her strongly, back the fuck off. Abby decides since her grandmother was a prolific lover, she obviously will get over Chris any day now, and she’d happily sleep with someone else if she had anyone in mind.

Oh yeah, the plot! It exists! Granny B apparently had a composition book full of information about ley lines and so forth. It includes some creepy drawings and a slip of paper with numbers on it, which so obviously is designed for Chris that I’d accuse the universe of being run by a newbie GM. “This encounter is for the rogue, and this for the wizard, and here’s one for the fighter…”

EW EW EW EW EW. So there’s a measles outbreak in town.

“I had measles when I was six” [says Abby]

“You could get them again, you know. I can check.”

“Check how?”

“See if you have any spots. They usually start on the stomach or the back.”

EW EW EW EW EW EW all the ews. Thankfully, she tells him to get the fuck away from her instead of swooning or I might have chucked the book in the trash (and then gone back and fished it out because it’s on my phone’s kindle app and I kind of need my phone).

So for some fucking contrived reason, since there’s a diagram of the temple, they have to go there together, because Abby won’t let Chris steal her book and run off. Kammani’s off filming some cable TV show so they’ll be alone together which is just fucking super at this point.

Somehow lighting torches creates a more accurate estimate of the area than turning on electric lights. Because…. math. Or something. The temple is, of course, on a juncture of lay lines, like all good temples. They extinguish the torches again and then he begins his rape:

And then there was no light at all […] and he turned her in his arms and kissed her.

She should have shoved him away, but there in the darkness, no one could see, and it was the sweetest kiss in the world

get out of there >.> he’s obviously some kind of incubus using magic to override your choices in life and force you to fall for him. She manages to pull away after a bit, and lets him keep the notebook if it’ll get her away from him faster.

Daisy is noticing the biblical-plague feel of the recent events: bees, then measles. However, she only gets a page or so to ponder this before her mom waltzes back into the book. Daisy channels her anger at her mother into a strong wind, showing off her newfound powers, Seems like Peg left town because she’d rather not be in thrall to some goddess, totally ignoring the fact that she was dooming her daughter to the fate she didn’t want for herself, and is surprised to find out that Daisy is working against the goddess instead. She also apparently hates the Worthams.

Peg assumes she’s taking her dog back now, but Daisy, who is the better person here, gives Bailey a choice. Bailey gives Peg an enthusiastic, loving goodbye before choosing to stay with Daisy. Yay.

80% through the book and the time is just flying past; it was Monday in the previous scene, and it’s Wednesday now. Apparently Shar doesn’t matter anymore, since we’re back with Abby again. She alternates between remarking that it’s a good thing Gen’s around to make Chris keep his hands to himself and lamenting the fact that he keeps his hands to himself, which I have 0 sympathy for at this point in time.

But let’s take a minute to point out a positive: Abby’s been gaining weight, and for once, this is being held up as a good thing. She feels “strong, ripe, healthy”, and she’s feeling more “like a goddess” — the f-word isn’t mentioned at all. She also can enjoy Gen’s cooking without any magical side effects, which she likes.

The tonic recipe so far: cider, barley malt syrup, turbinado sugar, irish moss.

Wise words:

“I think we’d all be better off without sex. I spent most of my life not knowing what I was missing, and now I can’t stop thinking about it.”

That I have sympathy for. For various reasons I’m not having much sex myself lately, and my body seems to think that I’m 16 again, complete with naughty dreams and random hormones.

She adds honey to the tonic, for the first stirrings of desire, and cinnamon, for chaos, and anise seed to represent Shar and completion. Gen suggests adding yeast. I want a recipe for this thing so I can have a book wrap-up party when we’re done.

Chris clearly has dark, evil magics. Not only does he ninja her again, but:

Christopher moved into the room, and the impending violence of the weather seemed to glide through his lean body, like threads of electricity, and they danced back to her, typing them together, as the thunder cracked louder.

Nothing good can come of this.

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2 Responses to Dogs and Goddesses: Chapter 15

  1. Firedrake says:

    Yeah, ebooks have really taken away the fun of throwing a book at the wall.

    All those hormones love to shout “SEXYTIMES NOW, MEAT PUPPET”, but taking advantage of that is… not the act of a gentleman.

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