Schedule reminder

And lo, thou hast been duly reminded of my impending nuptials. For it has been foretold that thou shalt have the fruits of my labour for the week coming, and the week beyond, and even unto the third week, but on the fourth week I shalt rest, and thou shalt have none of my labour until the twelfth day. And it shall be good.

For it has been foretold many moons ago that I shalt not assume the visage of the bride-beast that devours the island nations, but instead, I have been touched in subtler, more interesting ways. And thus I have written, and thus it will be.

But woe betide the one who bears bad news!

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2 Responses to Schedule reminder

  1. Firedrake says:

    Hope all goes unreasonably well.

    I don’t really get this idea that not sticking to a schedule will lose you readers. Useful for self-discipline for the writer, but as a reader I just get the RSS notification of new posts anyway…

    • yamikuronue says:

      Fair enough. I tend to like things tidy and organized in my head, so if I assign specific posts onto specific days I know I have at least 2 posts a week and I can keep track of things easier. I mostly wanted to do something weird and fun and creative for a few minutes to let off some of the pressure from wedding planning 🙂

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