Dogs and Goddesses: Chapter 10

We begin the chapter with Kammani realizing that Doug is not going to make a good sacrifice because he dislikes pain. Um, fair enough?

Noah has backbone!

Noah strode toward her, frowning. “What the hell are you doing?”

“How dare you question the goddess?” Mina said, outraged.

Noah stopped at the foot of the altar. “Something’s going on here, and you’re going to tell me what it is.”

Unfortunately, none of this book really makes sense, so he’s not going to get a satisfactory answer. He does find out that there was wine in the tonic, along with cinnamon and anise, which pisses him off because Daisy, being small, obviously has no tolerance for alcohol.

Because small people never have a high tolerance for alcohol. It’s not physically possible to be both small and blessed with good genes or a sturdy metabolism for that sort of thing.

Mina to the rescue! She tells Noah about the “self-help group” Kammani is starting, informing him that it’s meant to be a surprise so he can’t tell Daisy anything. Then we get The Example Of Modern Man, also known as Doug, once more:

“Hey, babe, gotta run.” He walked up the altar steps, kissed her on the mouth, swatted her on the rear end, and then headed for the door.

It took everything Kammani had not to obliterate him on the spot, and she only managed it because it would be disastrous to do it in front of Noah. Besides, from the look on Mina’s face, something bad would happen to Doug shortly.

Thank goddess for Noah or we’d be left with the impression that all modern men are terrible people and therefore the only ones worth dating are ancient kings risen from the dead.

With Noah and Doug now dealt with and dismissed from the scene, Mina turns her attention to more important things:

“The robes and headdress thing will freak people out,” Mina said. “You need to be less Joan Crawford, more Oprah Winfrey.”

Joan Crawford:

Oprah Winfrey:

So, hair curlers and color photography? Sorry, I’m just too young to get this reference I think.

Anyway, Kammani rejects the idea of suits, but praises Mina and barely stops herself from patting her on the head, further emphasizing her doggy theme.

Final thought from Kammani:

When the revolution came, they’d be keeping refrigeration.

Apparently Abby’s bed is broken? She wakes up with “just a thin layer of rubber between her and the hardwood floor”. So there’s that. That’s a thing. She calls her mother for money, receives it, and mentions the history building only to find her mother rapidly making an excuse to hang up. Innnteresting.

As she’s trying to get the old mattress out, Christopher Mackenzie appears to save the day! I wonder if he got his chocolate yet?

Oh! She’s been on an air mattress and it leaked! Okay now the opening paragraph makes sense. Important context, folks.

Yadda yadda, you kissed me no it was mutual, yadda yadda mattress…

aha! Chris heads voices at night. Or rather, one voice: Milki-la-el, the man who invented modern mathematics, according to Chris. According to Google Books, that’s a valid mesopotamian name, however much it sounds like the author took “Michael” and tried to make it a mesopotamian-sounding name. (Samu-la-el seems to be a law term). Anyway, he’s been hearing this person his whole life, so that’s why he deliberately chases people away. Any bets on him being the reincarnation or whatever?

(Fun fact: the Mesopotamians had algebra! In base 60. They chose 60 because they were fascinated by how many things divide into it evenly, rather than the more simplistic base 10 because we have 10 fingers to count on.)

Shar’s new puppy, Milton, is a bit of a pest 🙂 but adorbs. Puppy pictures!

Shar’s painting frenzy resulted in a warm, vibrant room, with the “cuniform for goddess” painted in the middle. I believe this is referring to the Sumerian form of Dingir, which isn’t feminine specifically but matches the star-like description:

It can be written without the triangles in some variant. It seems to have been the character for “An”, the sky god. Looking at it makes Shar come again.

She was developing an understanding of why Grandma Sharrat had painted everything beige and grey.

So… I guess in all her experimentation she never tried a brightly colored dildo?

Anyway, she discovers that Sam and the dogs are fascinated by movies, so she puts a bunch on while she works and cleans and paints.

the color made her come. So did the pizza with sausage and olives they ordered for dinner Saturday night, and the smell of daylilies in the front yard when she opened the door Sunday morning, and the feel of her worn Egyptian cotton sheets when she slid into bed each night, and about forty other things.

yeah… I’d be in a hospital. That’s. Way way way too much.

On Tuesday, Shar has class to teach, but the sight of a bright red car makes her come. And yet she still goes to class.

Apparently her hair grew?

Her hair seemed longer now, curling around her ears instead of close-cropped, and the gray was shot with white. She looked closer at the streaks. Almost blue-white. It would have been disturbing if it hadn’t looked so much better than it usually did.

Frequent orgasms puts blue in your hair I guess?

The end! Of chapter 10. We’re only halfway through this book (52% according to my nifty new kindle edition)


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3 Responses to Dogs and Goddesses: Chapter 10

  1. Firedrake says:

    I guess the theory is that Shar has a lot of orgasmic catching-up to do…

  2. kaelas17 says:


    The old man is right, and you should have that looked at.

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