Bitten: Human (chapter 2)

The chapter starts out with a chain of bait’n’switch: It’s mother’s day and she has a present for someone, but her mother is dead. She’s visiting Phillip’s mother, but he’s not with her. She refers to him as her boyfriend, so they’re not married or engaged.

Human rules confounded me. It wasn’t as if I’d been raised in a cave. Before I became a werewolf, I’d already learned the basic mechanics: how to hail a taxi, operate an elevator, apply for a bank account.

So now we know she’s a) a turned were, not a natural and b) apparently had a screwed up childhood that she doesn’t elaborate on. This is also a new period of her life, the first time she’s lived alone, since the pack she’d been accepted into usually was with her at all times until she left them a year prior.

Phillip’s mom, Anne, is one of those overly friendly people that freak me out.

“Only salesmen ring the bell. Family walks right in.”

Gak. What do you DO with that? I don’t trust people easily, and I’ve got no idea what to do with a family that you don’t have to guard your every word around and where the rules are new and strange, so I totally feel Elena’s pain here.

Elena has a last name: Micheals. She started dating Phillip a few weeks after she moved into the area.

He’d come to the pool one day after midnight and, finding me swimming laps, he’d asked if I minded if he did some, as if I had the right to kick him out.

So it’s the middle of the night… she’s almost naked… no way to defend herself… in a pool… and he decides that’s a great time to come talk to her. I’d be totally way too creeped out by his presence to get to know him.

I’d said the reason I was working out in the health club was to ensure I didn’t need to worry about being attacked by strange men and i’d be defeating the whole purpose if I was nervous about having him there.

What. No. I don’t. Does anyone get that train of thought? Because it makes no goddamn sense to me. He bought her a juice after that.

I let myself fall for him, flattered that anyone would put that amount of time and effort into getting to know me.

I mean, I can see what she’s saying here, but doesn’t this come off a little like the perfect Nice Guy scenario? “I paid attention to you, you must love me now”.

They do live together, by the way. She describes him as perfectly patient with her, and they’re considering buying a condo. Meanwhile, Phillip doesn’t even show up on Mother’s Day. I can’t really reconcile his actions with her description of him, but I figure she’s probably meant to be a bit trusting andĀ naive?

Phillip’s sister, Daine, is talking about mother-of-the-bride dresses and wants Elena to come shopping with her. The mention of weddings so close to Phillip’s description and the condo thing has to be intentional, right?

I’m liking the chapter lengths here, it’s actually just about right for a decon.

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2 Responses to Bitten: Human (chapter 2)

  1. Firedrake says:

    To me Philip’s coming over as a nice guy without being a Nice Guy, but it could easily shade over into the pathological version – it’s a matter of details, which we don’t have here. As I read it the initial meeting is accidental: “oh, hey, didn’t know anyone else would be here, do you mind if I swim too or would you rather I go away?”.

    But I agree without that the worry about strange men thing doesn’t seem to make sense.

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