On fashion

How does fashion work, exactly? >.>

I was musing on my facebook the other day:

Ok here’s the plan: Someone go into the future and bring me a history book about early 21st-century fashion trends, one of the good ones with photos and detailed descriptions about how clothing worked. Then I’ll be able to figure out wtf to wear — it’ll be just like costuming >.>

Then I figured well, okay, people sometimes do retro-inspired looks, right? So maybe I can just, I don’t know… dress in almost-cosplay all the time if I pick my inspirations carefully?

Like, okay, say I use Tiana:

So can I just use, like… a yellow dress:

With a green cardigan and it’ll look okay? Like, you can wear yellow and green together like that? Does it need to be a darker yellow though? Does it have to be a long cardigan or can a shorter one work:

Or in keeping with the Disney theme, let’s look at Belle:

Can I invert the layer order and do a blue sundress:

With a white cardigan:

I just want a list of rules I can follow >.> oh yeah, and I’d like to not spend $80 on a single outfit, which is why I haven’t gone ahead and bought any of this stuff yet.  But I’m beginning to think this plan might work! Now to print out pictures of like, every cartoon character ever and head to the local Wal-mart….

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5 Responses to On fashion

  1. Firedrake says:

    Fashion works by convincing people that they should follow arbitrary rules. (“No white clothes after Labor Day” is a particularly blatant example.)

    I think most people base their looks on what looks good to them. Seems fair enough to me. If what looks good to you is cartoon characters, that’s probably better than fashion magazines…

    The basic rule I use is to avoid too-similar colours. If I’m wearing something green, I won’t wear something else green (because two similar shades rarely go well together), but I will wear something blue or yellow. Or red, or black, or…

    • yamikuronue says:

      I like arbitrary rules; as long as they’re enumerated specifically and in total, I can use them as a guideline same as any other set of rules. The problem is there’s not one unified set of rules I can follow >.>

  2. Omskivar says:

    I am not fashion-conscious at all, and I’m pretty sure my husband is better at picking out flattering outfits more me than I am. So you’re probably doing better than me! BTW, I really like your Disney-inspired outfits. That Belle one is super cute!

    The only advice I have is stick to stuff that’s flattering to your shape. You can get a decent idea of current fashion trends by checking fashion-oriented magazines and websites, sure, but knowing what’s in doesn’t really help if it doesn’t look good on your body. And depending on where you live, it might not matter anyway. I don’t remember if you’ve ever said where you’re from, but I can tell you that southwest Michigan isn’t exactly a trend-setting location.

    • yamikuronue says:

      I’m in Ohio, so same thing I think.

      That’s the other problem: nothing is flattering to my shape because my shape isn’t allowed to exist because I’m the dreaded F-A-T. As a teenager I just went for baggy and shapeless, so I’m not at all sure what kind of stuff I like. Other than overalls. I’ve discovered I look cute in overalls. Which doesn’t help one bit.

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