TPD ch 41-42: The end

Bernice is waiting outside, and instantly goes about deceiving the FBI in the name of Jesus, the Great Deceiver. Oh wait, no, that’s Satan, sorry. She’s just deceptive. She implies that her bruises were received just then inside the building and they rush in, assuming a hostile situation.

Which is all the cue Tal needs to send his armies in.

Which is all the cue Madaline needs to push Sandy toward suicide. Who planned this assault exactly? On what intel? This is kind of a botched hostage situation really…

Oh, but Guilo rescues her, so it’s alright then! She comes to in a room full of blood and bodies and fighting and freaks, running out and straight into her father.

Rafar vs Tal, round one, fight! Or rather, run. Rafer leads Tal on a marry chase through the city. Because that’s totally what we wanted: more running around in circles.

The General vs The Strongman: no contest, angels win. Too much prayer.

Just because we can’t forget the persecution complex, the cops were called about “all these religious fanatics assembled on the campus”. When Hank tries to help cast Strongman out of Kaseph, the cops aim their guns at him the moment he talks about the blood of Jesus. Because cops regularly shoot people for praying. That’s totally a thing that happens all the time.

Let’s finish the book, shall we?

Oh look, God does something! He tells Edith to pray against the name ‘Rafar’. Vaguely. In a distracted sort of way.

“Lord God”, Tal cried, “His name is Rafar! Tell them!”


“I know this feeling. I’ve felt it before. The Lord is trying to speak to me! […] There’s still an evil spirit out there,” [Edith] cried. “He’s doing great mischief. His name is. . .  Raphael… Raving…”

Bobby Corsi spoke up. “Rafar!”

I’ve seen this one before…

(In case you’re not familiar, cold reading is a well-known parlor trick)

And so all is well. Tal wins by the skin of his teeth thanks to the prayers of the people. Hank’s church is revived. Bernice decides to start attending it so she’ll eventually convert. The day is saved….


I’ll probably do another post next week talking about the book as a whole, and then we’ll figure out what to read next. I might take a week or two off, it’s con season, but yeah. Thoughts?

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6 Responses to TPD ch 41-42: The end

  1. Firedrake says:

    OK, I was late to the game, but does this not seem a bit… anticlimactic?

    (And… if angels can only win by being empowered by human prayers… where does God come into it? Why doesn’t he create niftier angels who don’t need that empowerment? Then more humans could be saved.)

    • yamikuronue says:

      Yeah, I mean, I stopped caring about the angels chapters and chapters ago when they stopped doing anything at all, so the fact that the climax is all about them kind of…. bores me.

      • Firedrake says:

        We are the angels, who don’t do anything
        We just stay in heav’n and lie around
        And if you pray for, us to do anything
        We will just tell you, we don’t do anything

        Well I’ve never stopped an earthquake
        And I’ve never fed the hungry
        And I’ve never pulled a child out from an old collapsing wall
        And I’ve never cured the sickly
        And I’ve never killed a demon
        And I’ve never been to Ashton since the Fall.

  2. sonichowling says:

    This book was assigned to me as summer reading by a small Christian school. As a teenager (wide eyed innocently homophobic bible believing praying and preaching type) it was terribly exciting. Demons could be anywhere!!
    Love joy feminism linked to the review. Thanks for a great job. Oh, nostalgia…. some fifteen years later I’m stunned that all the faculty just went along with this crap.

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