TPD ch 40: Gary Stu’s and The Doctor

Finally, some action! Marshall and co storm into the conference room, where we find out that the “huge Arabian” and the “fierce African” have been flanking him.

(Is anyone else picturing a horse when they talk about a “huge Arabian”?)

Fear the almighty!

Everyone is awed by Hogan’s words, stunned into silence as to how he can be here. But then they recover! Only to be stunned into silence AGAIN when he opens the door for Hank!

Yeah yeah, I get it, your pet characters are amazing and clever and awesome, sheesh. I’ve been watching Doctor Who, and as much as the Doctor is a bit of a showoff and banks on his reputation as The Oncoming Storm, you also get to see why he’s EARNED that reputation, why he’s clearly a terrifying person to cross. Marshall and Hank haven’t DONE anything yet, just researched some information and had a conversion scene. It’s tiring to watch the author beat us over the head with how amazing his totally not amazing characters are.

A brief diversion to check in on Sandy. She’s still with demons.

The bad guys are sputtering and freaking out, so then Marshall plays his best card: he reveals Susan Jacobson! Take that! There’s a lady who also hasn’t done anything except uncover information and run away! I hope you’re trembling in your boots, Dalek fiends!

Back to Sandy, who has now realized that the demons are demons and started screaming. I liked her 😦

Tal blows his trumpet! The cybermen must be shaking in their little cyber boots at all the posturing and grandiosity going on!

The eight heavenly warriors drew their swords. That was answer enough.

The stakes keep getting higher and higher! And by higher stakes I mean more of the same posturing.

The host of heaven rises! Sandy continues to be kidnapped! The feds are… okay I don’t think feds actually hang people these days, but apparently Kaseph will be arrested, which is totally terrifying to an intangible invisible demon who can change hosts at will! Kaseph/Strongman is panicked and terrified! Marshall used Great Ball!

No? No Pokemon references?Okay, okay, I’ll stop crossing fandoms.

Sandy struggles, calling out to God, but that’s not enough because she hasn’t said the magic words. Brummel completes his heel-face turn and tries to help, while the Strongman wants very much to kill Hogan but can’t because prayer and Jesus and stuff. Honestly this just kind of makes the bad guys look even less scary, you know? I mean, all the good guys had to do was look up public records and pray and they rip themselves apart with infighting and terror.

And then, Brummel shoots Langstrat! What a ::yawn:: astonishing cliffhanger!

Here’s a much better final confrontation: The Atraxi were planning on blowing up Earth, and the Doctor, newly regenerated (so he has a new face) comes out to confront them. This is the climax of New Who Season 5 Episode 1: “The Eleventh Hour”

All those enemies shown attacking the earth in the Atraxi database? Universally-recognized badasses that the Doctor has defeated, on screen, in previous seasons. He’s earned his reputation and every so often he cashes it in to avoid having to fight someone. That’s the kind of feel they were probably going for here in this book and totally missed in my opinion.

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4 Responses to TPD ch 40: Gary Stu’s and The Doctor

  1. Firedrake says:

    Seems to me that there’s no real scope for revelations here. The demons already know about angels, RTCs, and normal humans, and what each sort of being can normally bring to the struggle, so…

    • yamikuronue says:

      So why the heck are they so scared of two men and a woman who have done nothing but survive thus far? It’s just so… blargh.

      • Skyknight says:

        Maybe it’s the thought that they’re worried that if those three have endured everything the forces of Satanachia have…er…the forces of the Strongman have thrown at them, maybe they CAN’T overcome them, period. (Really, would it kill them to use demon names and descriptions from the medieval grimoires?)

        For the record, Peretti apparently wasn’t that pleased about TPD being so influential. He honestly thought/thinks that it’s a very poor literary work. Apparently, the readers, or at least the RTC readers, aren’t in agreement with him.

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