Random musings

I’m not dead! I’m just… well…

Okay so in my interview for this job they asked about a number of web technologies and I said “yeah, I looked at that a little” meaning I poked around with it for a few hours on a dull Saturday but they somehow took that to mean I’m an expert so I’m re-familiarizing myself with things I haven’t touched in years and learning things I’ve never known and it’s exhilarating and stressful all at once so blogging has gone on the back-burner for now.


Did I mention there’s a con at the end of the month I’m preparing for? More details are at my other blog, Radiant Vanguard. Also you’ll find posts from Kendandra and ChaosRed. Kaelas will be posting more later this summer.


Someone’s smelling gas. I may have to evacuate. More later.


When did 9-5 become 8-5 or 9-6? Or maybe 7-5? Sure you’re still only working 40 hours a week but you’re AT work 45 hours a week and then throw in a 30-45 minute commute and mandatory Saturday overtime and I begin to wonder how anyone in this industry has a family.

How come I’m never married in my dreams? Is that a bad sign? Any time I’m in my bedroom it’s a bedroom for one person, like I used to have when I was a teenager. I’m always surprised when I’ve been dreaming about being in ‘my’ bedroom to wake up in a double-bed with a fiance. Weird.


This month is Camp Nanowrimo! I’m not going to make 50k. My goal is 25k and I doubt I’ll make that. But I have officially ‘broken ground’, so to speak, on the new fantasy trilogy I’m writing with Kendandra.


Do I have any readers in Ohio? Should I bother posting my con schedule here knowing I can’t afford to fly to any cons so they’re all in Ohio? I’ve been meaning to post it at Radiant Vanguard.


So the real reason for Radiant Vanguard is that I wanted to enter the airship races. To do that you have to register as an airship at the convention we’re going to. To do that they wanted a bio and, if any, a URL for our group. and I was all, I can put wordpress on Agni and make a URL, no sweat. And then I realized if I’m doing wordpress I’m doing a blog, and I barely can keep up with one blog let alone two. So I drafted the rest of us to write articles so I’m not alone, and then pre-wrote like a month and a half worth of articles for RV so I don’t fall behind in two places at once, and then promptly ignored it. But it’s turning into a great little community blog. Let me know if you want to submit guest articles or anything, I’m totally open to that.


Did I mention I’m getting married? Holy fuck is that complicated. I think maybe we’ve kind of worked out a timeline for the weekend but we don’t have a florist yet or a DJ or a photographer and we’re working out the bachelorette party and they want to take me to a spa and I’ve never been to a spa and what even ARE half the things on this list and why does Chaos know more about spas than I do?


By the way, Don’t Starve was not the source of my nightmares. Neither was The Cave. Or Resident Evil 5. Or Dr Who. They just sort of went away on their own. I’m not sure why.


Javascript is an awful, awful language. Too bad it’s the clear best choice for doing any sort of dynamic interactivity in web design. I’m thinking about moving one of my websites to the Bootstrap framework and adding some AJAX just to get more practice with it.

Coldfusion is alright though. A little odd but alright.


I wish I could play piano like Kendandra does. I’m thinking I may do a cross-posted blog post about my artistic background, it’s a bit too long and complicated to go into here, but I’m totes jelly this month as his brilliance is shining through.


I don’t like ham sandwiches. 😦


Let’s pretend we’re Reddit: go ahead and Ask Me Anything. I’ll start replying to stuff in about 6 hours when I get home from work.

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17 Responses to Random musings

  1. Firedrake says:

    The firedrake is not in Ohio. The firedrake thinks he has never been in Ohio, but isn’t sure.

    Yay, high-speed learning. It’s fun, but I can rarely kick myself into it unless I really need it for something.

    Is there an “all comments on all posts” RSS feed for RV? How come each post gets onto the main feed five times over? Or is it just me? Being FeedBurner it’ll send whatever it thinks my client wants, so I can’t just debug it with curl the way I usually would – when I do that, the RSS looks quite normal.

    There’s a memeplex that says “work is the most important thing”. Lots of people are infected by it. If enough people are prepared to put in long hours, it becomes expected, and they no longer get any advantage from it even if they once did. My job is 9-5, from home. (You may now be jealous.) But seriously, the huge productivity gains of the last sixty years have simply been thrown away or spent on yachts and golf. There’s really no reason that people should have to work forty-plus-hour weeks or starve, any more.

    Yay marriage. Ours (15 days ago) was very minimal: no florist or DJ or photographer or anything, just eight of us in the register office and then at the pub. But we’re like that.

    Yeah, Javascript is vile. CF is basically dead because Adobe bought it and would really rather you use other things. I like Perl. And PostScript. Lua’s kind of fun, but I find it restrictive. (Though I think there’s a Lua-to-JS compiler.) I’m playing with Scala at the moment..

    • Brin says:

      How come each [Radiant Vanguard] post gets onto the main feed five times over? Or is it just me?

      It may or may not be just you, but it isn’t everyone. (*knocks on wood*)

    • yamikuronue says:

      What client are you using? I can try to test it from inside feedburner later

      • Firedrake says:

        rss2email. I do get other feeds from Feedburner which don’t have this problem, and it’s not a big thing; I’m just curious…

        • yamikuronue says:

          Feedburner does offer an email version of the feed directly, if that helps. Chaos uses it.

          …Except it tells me it’s turned off? Maybe wordpress offered an email version of the original feed and Chaos never switched?

          Well anyway, I turned it on, it’s here: Subscribe to Raven Wings by Email

    • yamikuronue says:

      As for the rest of your questions:
      I haven’t feedburnered the comments feed, but you dislike feedburner anyway, so here it is: https://yamikuronue.wordpress.com/comments/feed/

      I keep telling Chaos we could just elope and get this all over with but he’s (rightfully) scared of the wrath of both our mothers falling upon our heads if we don’t let them have a huge wedding for my mother’s only daughter and his mother’s firstborn son.

  2. Omskivar says:

    Ugh, I hear you on the work hours. I’m paid for eight hours of work, but I work eight and a half hours a day – and I have an hour and a half round-trip commute every day, so I’m spending the equivalent of six days a week on work instead of the five I get paid for. It sucks, and I’m looking for work closer to home, but I get some pretty decent benefits (not-shitty insurance and PTO for the first time ever) so it’s hard to find another job that’s worth giving it up.

    I don’t remember most of my dreams, but I have the occasional dream where I’m involved romantically (or sexually) with a platonic friend. It always weirds me out a bit for a day or two, but ultimately I don’t think it’s all that odd.

    I used to have relatives in Ohio, does that count?

    How long do you have left until the big day? I think you’ll be fine. We had a long engagement (about a year and a half), so I was able to procrastinate and still get shit done, and even then I was freaking out about getting everything done on time, but it all just kind of fell together and worked out okay in the end.

    What are your thoughts on roast beef?

    • yamikuronue says:

      Yeesh. My commute’s terrible and so are my benefits, but that’s because I’m still a Contractor. This company likes to take on contractors and then, after 90 days, if they like them, hire them in, so I’m hopeful that’ll change.

      haha sure, relatives used to have lived in Ohio can count. Welcome to the tiny Ohio-ish-persons club 😀

      The wedding’s in August, so plenty of time, but things feel like they’re moving so slowly and every few days my mother emails me to ask a bajillion more tiny details questions like have I picked out my makeup and what about gel nails and what shoes am I wearing and meanwhile I don’t even have a florist. We’ve been engaged for over a year now as well, mostly because he proposed when I came home for Christmas during my year abroad, so I still had 8 months of being overseas, then I had to find a job and get settled in.

      Roast beef…. I never cared much for the deli meat version but I do like a good leftover-roast sandwich so I can see what they were aiming for with the lunchmeat? If that makes any sense. I dislike most lunch meats, but turkey is inoffensively bland, so I’ll eat it as a cheap vehicle for nice breads and sauces.

      Did I ever mention my (tongue-in-cheek) motto on this blog? I used it as a sig on some food forums I used to frequent for a while. It’s ripped from the Slap-chop commercial: “Stop having the boring tuna; stop having the boring life”. I started using it around the time I started exploring bento-making as a way to stop eating stupid boring sandwiches. Now that Chaos is making them, often I have a bento containing a stupid boring sandwich lol

      • chaosred says:

        I’d like to take this time to point out the sandwiches have been less frequent and are slightly more than “Throw things on bread” like they used to.

      • Firedrake says:

        What most places in the UK seem to do is take on contractors then fire them just before they’d have to be treated as permanent staff. (But there are a lot more benefits to being permanent staff here than in much of the USA.)

        I love building sandwiches. Fortunately I like to eat almost anything.

        • yamikuronue says:

          My last place did that. They had a 1 year (later raised to 2 years) limit so that contractors can’t claim to be de-facto employees and sue for back benefits.

          The new place has a 90-day trial period even for full employees, so contracting is just an easy way to enforce that.

      • Omskivar says:

        Husband watched me make my lunch a couple weeks ago and was dismayed to find that my idea of a sandwich is, in his words, “a pile of meat and cheese on bread.”

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