On nightmares

So I’ve been having nightmares all week :/ It’s really getting tiresome. I’ve no idea why; I was careful not to ingest caffeine after 10am (usually I abstain after dark) and I stopped playing both the games that could be considered remotely scary (The Cave and Don’t Starve), exposing myself to nothing more adrenaline-inducing than Dr Who, and still nightmares.

Last night it was VMs. I was explaining to Kae how they work before bed, and I guess that carried over. In my dream, they were like these tiny delicate soap-bubbles with a Windows symbol inside, and we had to move them between servers for load balancing manually. I went to plug one in and realized the floor had snakes and the wall socket had a giant lizard climbing out of it!

I’m in ur wall, nomming ur electricities

The next thing I know, I was:

  1. Awake
  2. Halfway across the room
  3. Keenly aware of Chaos screaming his head off
  4. Running for the door
  5. Naked

After a moment I realized I too was screaming. And that Kae was clearly still awake — he’s on Spring Break and is trying to beat Tales of Graces so he keeps late hours. That combined with the nudity and the fact that the hallway was lit up stopped me at the bottom of the stairs — light banishes monsters, after all. Chaos stopped when I did — a good sign. I asked him why we were yelling.

“You started it!” he insisted, eyes wide with terror.

“….I was asleep?”

From above, I heard Kae yell down “Are you both screaming for no reason?”

Apparently so.

The weirdest thing was, I couldn’t remember my dream at all. I knew I was afraid of snakes on the floor and a lizard in the bed, but that was it. It wasn’t until after I laid down again that I remembered — I lay on my right side, couldn’t remember, then rolled onto the left side, and it all flooded back to me.

Later I dreamed Kae was dead and my mom was screaming at me for some reason, so there’s definitely some general stress going on. I wish I could figure out what. Other dreams this week have included The One Where There’s A Tornado Bearing Down On Me (with special guest I Can’t Move), which is usually a stress-induced nightmare stemming from the feeling of impending doom, and a new one where I was in a video game and being attacked by a pedophilic necrophile with a chainsaw and a zombie version of my character’s mother, which was fucking fantastic and weird and sounds a lot more like a horror-game-induced nightmare or a caffeine-induced nightmare than a stress-induced one. That second one had the bonus feature of my brain being too tired to wake up properly, so I kept almost waking up and being sucked back in.

Any likely culprits I can rule out? >.> Maybe it’s the new job I start Monday,but honestly I feel pretty positive about the change, so unless I’m horribly deluding myself….

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2 Responses to On nightmares

  1. Firedrake says:

    If this suddenly starts happening to me, it’s usually because I’m getting a stealth cold (i.e. without obvious symptoms, but generating a bit of fever).

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