TPD ch 37: Miracles

Susan, Bernice, and Kevin are trapped at the Clarion office while the police– under direction from Brummel, presumably — try to get in to them slash stake out the building. They need a miracle! Instead they get a ringing phone.

Clearly, they ignore it, so as not to give away their presence for certain. However, the accountant leaves a message, and Bernice… picks up the phone from the back, knowing that it’s probably being tapped since there was a full-on stakeout overnight. She tells him to get word out to her uncle and to the county prosecutor, now that they have the final proof.

The next call is from someone with a bunch of angry feds who have been tracing Kaseph this whole time. Bernice tells him to bring them to the college at 2, when the big meeting is going down to, I guess, “take over Ashton”, by which she means buy Whitmore College in a seemingly legal business transaction.

The next call is from the state attorney general. The next is from the county prosecutor. So apparently they’ll have a full court, including feds to arrest people in the first place. Yay?

Meanwhile, at the jail, I think Lou Stanley just accused Alf Brummel of rape?

“You’ve talked about pulling a stunt like this many times, Alf! I’ve heard you say that all you needed was the right opportunity. Well now I’m saying that you’ve done it. I’m accusing you, Alf!”

Lolwut. Anyway, Alf won’t let Mary in either, for whatever reason. Alf is backed into a corner by a number of churchgoers who point accusing fingers at him. He flees into the building, where he finds out nobody believes Hank is a rapist because he’s such a good person and let’s just not go into how good people commit rape all the fucking time and get away with it because obviously it’s a trumped-up false charge because evil lying wommenz.

Bernice calls Brummel to tell him to let Hogan go because she has evidence against him. He does so. In his blind panic, he then lies to Juleen about not having heard from Bernice… and she believes him. Suddenly, a flash of clarity and insight: She’s not all powerful. He could just sit back and let this all come crashing down on her head. She can’t know everything. It’s like a breath of fresh air in the middle of his panic attack. Too bad it’s coming from a demon 😦

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4 Responses to TPD ch 37: Miracles

  1. Firedrake says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but it seems as though the cast has got a bit huge and unwieldy. (I haven’t been reading the book itself, only your summaries as they come out, which probably doesn’t help.)

    • yamikuronue says:

      Yeah, I’m basically constantly confused as to who everyone is. I keep re-reading my older reviews to see if the names appeared before.

  2. And here we see how these types of Christians believe God answers prayers (and believe me, I know quite a few people who believe this way). Most of the christians (at least in this part of the USA) who believe in active Healing, Tongues, Demon casting out, etc when questioned will say that God does the equivalent of regrowing amputated limbs. But when they start praising “God” for a miracle it is always without fail the kind evidenced in this chapter: little coincidences, fortuitous circumstances, lucky happenings, or other people being kind.

    Real conversation I had a few weeks ago –
    Her: “Praise God he gave me a new car”.
    Me: “How did God give you a car?”
    Her: “I walked an hour in snow to church and when I walked in the door I told the people in the church what I had just done, and they got me connected to the car ministry”
    Me: “So you told the people in the church and the church provided you a donated car?”
    Her: “Oh no, God gave me the car, the church just followed his instruction. Why do you always look at this stuff so skeptically?”

    I once helped put together a testimony video (when I worked at a large 3000+ member mega church) Where the person said that they don’t believe in luck or coincidences, and they told a story that a distant family member died and they inherited money but never received the money, a year later they started tithing 10% and a month later they received the inheritance “Praise God!!” This video was played on the big screens in the church for the entire congregation to see as a “See what you get by Tithing”. During that year the church played a different testimony video every weekend and most were like this.

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