Wonderful advice!

On the post No TPD, I mentioned having an issue with someone who had been emotionally abusive to me in the past.

Today I received a comment that clearly has the solution to all my problems!

What you should do is try to start eating fulfilling healthy foods and let us know how they turn out. As someone who lost 150 lbs just from changing my diet I’d love to be able to find better things to eat from someone’s experience.

Gotta love spambots, right? Clearly the reason I’m having difficulties with this person is simply that I need to eat better. Obviously if I lost 150 lbs nobody would ever hurt me again. Tadah!

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2 Responses to Wonderful advice!

  1. Firedrake says:

    Particularly since it seems that, unless people are very fat, losing weight isn’t actually associated with better health anyway.

    But this is the same story as all advertising, isn’t it? Your life is not perfect; buy this, and it will be! What amazes me is that people keep falling for it. You’d think they’d eventually notice that buying stuff doesn’t make them more than ephemerally happy.

  2. garyshin1989 says:

    That looks like it would have been a decent reply to your “New Feature?” blog. And hello by the way. I like your stories!

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