Cooking in 2013: Freezer staples

I’ve decided to try and whip my kitchen into shape; last night I made a batch of burritos (veggie: I cooked rice in the rice cooker with seasonings and tomatoes, then added canned beans, cooked-from-frozen corn, and raw onions; I don’t eat cheese but most recipes call for it) and froze them immediately. Today’s lunch took 45 seconds in the microwave and is damn tasty. Freezer staples! Improving lunches since the dawn of freezers.

I plan to make a second batch with beef and a third with chicken. That should cut down on post-dinner “Dinner wasn’t filling at all :(” Burger King runs or midday “crap it’s lunchtime and I’m only halfway through my weekend chores list” Taco Bell pit-stops. I also have plans to pre-cook and freeze ingredients so I can do more complex recipes for dinner when I’m exhausted.

Anyone else got a freezer staple they swear by?

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One Response to Cooking in 2013: Freezer staples

  1. Firedrake says:

    Bolognese sauce, which can be nuked while the pasta’s cooking or (if I’m feeling very lazy) spread on buttered white bread.

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